Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating to hands and Palms. Hyperhidrosis is very annoying condition. Specially for those who have office work. Imagine that your hands are sweating too much and your job is of writing. You can’t write with wet hands. This could affect your social appearance. Read this post inContinue Reading

Increase height

How to increase height ?- Everybody wants to be taller. Many persons are don’t have satisfied with their height. Good height is a dream for everyone. height increases personality. Read this post in hindi click here There are much more career options that requires better height. These are Army, police,Continue Reading


Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease. The name of disease causing Bacteria is leptospira. This disease is caused by rodents. Rodents means rat, mice, squirrel, beavers, capybaras. READ this post in hindi click here This incidents happen when flood comes. Flood kills these animals. These animals are infected with leptospira bacteria.Continue Reading


Mobile- has become very important thing in our lives. We can’t live without phone. Many boys and girls are addictive to mobile. There are so many benefits of cell phones. Smartphones made an evolution in human life. In early years, phones was used for only calling purposes. But now aContinue Reading

Malaria vaccine

Malaria vaccine – 25th April is world Malaria Day. This day is celebrated to make people aware of malaria. Malaria is mosquito borne disease. 3.5 crore peoples in the world are suffering from malaria. Out of which about 4.5 lacs dies because of that disease. Read this post in hindiContinue Reading


Conjunctivitis is a very common disease. Pink eye is other known name. This disease came in epidemics. That means many peoples may suffer at a time. If conjunctivitis occurs in one person of our family then there is a most chance to get it by other peoples. childrens are moreContinue Reading

heat stroke

Heat stroke – summer season has started. Now April, May and June are the summer season in India. In my city Sangli there is 39 degree celsius temperature on an average. But last 4 to 5 years temperature has risen to 41 degree Celsius . Some cities in India haveContinue Reading


Quarantine – coronavirus is increasing the tension of whole world. Coronavirus is the major outbreak taking out many lives everybody. Government has told you the protective measures and precautions about covid-19. You all know the hand washing and other measures. Read this post in hindi click here We are hearingContinue Reading


stone – kidney stone is very common disease. This is a hereditary disease. Kidney stone mostly found in tropics. Because of high temperature and low water intake. Read this post in hindi click here Patient may become restless, because of unbearable pain. Many patients are suffering every year. So everybodyContinue Reading


Dengue fever – Mosquitoes are responsible for many diseases. Dengue is most dangerous of all. This is a killer disease. In India thousands of patient died due to dengue fever, every year. The patient count is going high and high, day by day. Read this post in hindi click hereContinue Reading