Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) – Also known as digital eye strain. From the beginning of 20th century, Computer has become the most important part of our life. Computer made our life so easy. Offices are full of computers today. The peoples who have office work. Whose work is going onContinue Reading

Children eating mud treatment

Pica – Many parents visiting our clinic. Most of them having fear about their children. Parents having the same complaint that their childrens are eating soil, pencil, colour, plaster etc. Read this post in hindi click here They have taken many medicines and consulted many doctors, but they don’t getContinue Reading


Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease. The name of disease causing Bacteria is leptospira. This disease is caused by rodents. Rodents means rat, mice, squirrel, beavers, capybaras. READ this post in hindi click here This incidents happen when flood comes. Flood kills these animals. These animals are infected with leptospira bacteria.Continue Reading


stone – kidney stone is very common disease. This is a hereditary disease. Kidney stone mostly found in tropics. Because of high temperature and low water intake. Read this post in hindi click here Patient may become restless, because of unbearable pain. Many patients are suffering every year. So everybodyContinue Reading


Dengue fever – Mosquitoes are responsible for many diseases. Dengue is most dangerous of all. This is a killer disease. In India thousands of patient died due to dengue fever, every year. The patient count is going high and high, day by day. Read this post in hindi click hereContinue Reading

Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes symptoms – Diabetes is one of the most killer diseases of 3. The other two diseases are asthma and hypertension. Diabetes is a silent killer. So you should know all the diabetes symptoms. Read this post in hindi click here In diabetes patient, blood and urine sugar level isContinue Reading


  Jaundice is a very common type of disease. Anybody with any age group will suffer from jaundice. There is no specific relation between jaundice and climate. It can occur at any age or at any climate. Read this post in hindi click here Increase in bilirubin level in bloodContinue Reading

High bp

High bp- This is second part of hypertension. In 1st part, i have explained about high BP causes, side effects  of hypertension and symptoms of high BP. So you must have to check first part. Read more- high bp part 1. Read this post in hindi click here  Hypertension precautionsContinue Reading

High bp symptoms

High BP symptoms – Hypertension, is growing problem in today’s society. Many of us or our family members and friends, are suffering from hypertension. In 21st century fast Lifestyle, change the eating habits, and fast junk foods, are causing rise in hypertensive patients. Read the post in hindi click here Continue Reading