Headache types and causes

Headache types and causes – headache is a very common symptom. Many of us experience this in our day to day life. This could be the sign of many minor diseases. ut some but illnesses produce headache. There are much more diseases which produce the symptom of headache. So let’sContinue Reading


Cancer – 4th February is world cancer day. This day is initiated by UICC. Union of international cancel control. This organisation is working all over the world. Motto of this organisation is to make people aware about the cancerr. Diagnose the cancerr in its first stage. So it will getContinue Reading


Mobile- has become very important thing in our lives. We can’t live without phone. Many boys and girls are addictive to mobile. There are so many benefits of cell phones. Smartphones made an evolution in human life. In early years, phones was used for only calling purposes. But now aContinue Reading


Hantavirus in China. 1 virus has put the whole world in danger. This virus is coronavirus. More than 6 lakh patients are fighting against coronavirus. 33000 + patients are died because of covid-19. Read this post in hindi click here Coronaviruss firstly found in the country of China. In ChinaContinue Reading