Shatavari benifits

Shatavari benefits – earlier I have made a article about ashvgandha. Ashwagandha benefits and its uses. Then I think to make video on another valuable ayurvedic product that is Shatavari. As ashvgandha is very useful for mens. Shatavari is very useful for womens. But there are also much more importantContinue Reading

Black spot on skin

Black spot on skin – Melasma is a disease. Meelasma is described as dark spots, black spots experience by many womens after some age. Read this article in hindi clic here You will find many articles about melasma over searching on Google. Some are saying that they will cure darkContinue Reading

Hangover headache cure

Hangover headache cure- lot of people’s addict in the world. Some are addicted to smoking, some to drinking alcohol, some to Mawa, Pan Masala, bidi , gutkha etc. Many alcoholics think’s why hangover headache? Read this post in hindi Most of them are addicted to alcohol. Most of them takeContinue Reading

Symptoms of asthma attack

Symptoms of asthma attack – 8 May is world asthma day. World asthma day is celebrated from 1998. Intention is very clear. Everybody should know the scientific knowledge of asthma. People should make aware of asthma symptoms. The main intention is to make people conscious about asthma and COPD. ReadContinue Reading

Diet for diabetes patients

Diet for diabetes patients – Diabetes patient also called as sugar patient. Nowadays diabetes is growing very fast in our society. Diabetes is called as silent killer. Because it affects much more organs and detoriats their functions slowly. So you must know what to eat or what not in diabetesContinue Reading