Top 5 health app and fitness apps

Top 5 health app and fitness apps

Health app – Health and weight loss apps are more important in today’s life. Many of us are using android health and weight loss apps. We all are very much health conscious. Some people goes to gym everyday, while other people walks for 45 minutes. And some people do running. While some do cycling. While some do skipping ropes. Some peoples use health app.

Weight loss is the main reason behind that. Some people doing this exercise for maintenance of of their health and fitness. Now a days fitness band is becoming more popular. Fitness band gives us the information about how much calories we are burning. Fitness band help in losing weight.

There are so many apps available in Play Store. Many of them are giving us the health and fitness tip. Some other apps are are built for weight loss. In this article I am advising you the top 5 health and fitness apps, That also helps in your weight loss and weight maintenance. So let’s start.

Health app

  1. Healthifyme app- now a days healthyfyme app is the best weight loss app. This app tells us about how much calories we should take daily and how much calories we are taking. These apps gives us the proper diet plan to control our calorie intake. This app gives us the health tips to control our weight and healthy diet plan.
  2. My fitness pal app- Comparing to all other Health Apps, My fitness pal is comprehensive one. This app gives us diet plan, exercise and Lifestyle modifications tips, which are essential for health and fitness. The most important speciality of the this app is you can set goal. Goal means what we want to do? weight loss or maintain or gain weight?? This app gives us the important tips according to our set goal.
  3. Health tap app- You can ask any type of questions according to our health. In this app this app gives us the simple and scientific answers of our questions. Doctors and specialist appointed 24 by 7 for this job. The speciality of this app is, this app contains more than 7 lacs articles about health. You can find the best article according to your health problem. 2nd speciality of this is app is we can book any appointment of any specialist or any doctor through this app.
  4. This app gives us information about all the drugs available. If you consult to your family doctor, then doctor gives you the prescription. This app gives you the information about the medicines which are prescribed by your doctor. what are the doses, side effects, contraindications and indication of the drugs. You can upload prescription and the drugs , this app save them for future reference.
  5. My diet coach- This is the second most famous app for weight loss. These apps gives you the weight loss tips and diet plans. This app primerilly built for giving the proper diet plan for every patient, according to their needs. This app also gives the lifestyle modification tips.
  6. Stay healthy stay fit.

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