AIDS is not spread through

AIDS is not spread through

AIDS is not spread through this way – I have made many videos are HIV AIDS. that is HIV AIDS symptoms, HIV vaccine , how to prevent HIV AIDS and HIV AIDS routes of transmission.

These videos will give you the full at Thoreau information about HIV AIDS.

In our society there is very much social stigma about HIV patients. Peoples prefer to keep distance from HIV patients.

They can’t talk normally with these patients. They have very much fear that they can also Suffer from HIV.

Why they feel frightened with HIV patients ? because they think that AIDS will be spread through mosquito bites, coughing and sneezing of the patients .

Also they think sharing Water bottles , taking dinner with these patients and many more are the causes of AIDS. These thoughts arises in many minds.

Today I will giving you the scientific information only . How HIV AIDS can be spread . What things you do with HIV patients without hesitating and you may not get HIV infection.

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aids is not spread through this way । Aids is not transferred through these routs

If your family members or friends is suffering from HIV infection then do not panic on there is nothing to worry.

You can shake hands with them you can hug them. you can’t get this disease.

You can share your water bottle with him. You can share your lunch dinner with him. There is nothing to worry.

You can touch him, you can use their clothes , you can stay in one room with them. Also you can share bed.

People think that AIDS is spreading through mosquito bites . keep mosquito bites to a patient and then bites to me then I will suffer from this infection.

But this is totally false concept . AIDS can’t be spread through mosquito bites.

Also animal bites will not cause this disease . That means dog bite , cat bite and other animal bites.

But human bite suffering from AIDS patients will put you in danger.

This is not a waterborne disease or airborne disease . That means it cant be spread through water and air.

It can’t be spread through other body Fluids like saliva sweat tears etc.

You can normally kiss AIDS patient. You have no permission to take deep kiss. If you have injury in your mouth that means tongue bite and other injuries.

Final conclusion

You can live a normal life with any AIDS patient without any fear. Love cooking – chana dal pulao recipe.

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