What to do after electric shock

What to do after electric shock

what to do after electric shock – we see many more sad news daily. Some of that are related to t electric shocks . After every 2 to 3 days the news related to electric shock came.

Like 2 people died because of electric shock, another news is four people were severely injured because of curren.

Thousands of people loose their lives because of this major reason .

व why people died off because of current they get cardiac arrest soon after electric shock so hard attack is the major reason of death

if , in front of us such incidents happens, then we should know the first aid treatment to be given after electric shock.

First aid treatment is important to save once life. You can save a dying person . Tips for good sleep.

let us know tips tricks to do after electric current and first aid treatment of of electric shock. So let’s know what to do after electric shock.

if you see the patient is still in the contact with the wire, then don’t touch that patient with your hand. This will put your life also in risk.

what to do after electric shock

find out the main switch . First cut off electric supply . You have to switch of the main electric supply first then and then only you have permitted to touch the patient .

if you don’t know where is the main switch, then don’t waste the time to find it . Instead try to separate the patient from electric wire.

for that purpose , you can use any wooden material like wooden stick , wooden chair . You can also use plastic chair . You can also use aarop two separate this person from electricity .

first let the patient sleep on any of the hard surfaces. Prefer the flour instead of sofas and beds. First check his respiration.

If respiration is OK , then there is no need to worry. Give him left lateral position.

In left lateral position turn the patient’s head into his left side . Then call your family doctor immediately.

if there is no sign of respiration, then take in mind that this person is dying in next 5 minutes . First explain such condition to the relatives .

If no relatives is present at the situation, then you have to give CPR to that patient . CPR means cardiopulmonary resuscitation .

CPR is a miracle. By using CPR we can save anyone’s life . Love cooking ? Matar samosa recipe.

how to give CPR

First make patient asleep on any hard surface. Prefer floor for that purpose . Don’t use soft surfaces like sofas and beds .

Sit on the right side of the patient. Bend down on your knees. Hold your left hand with your right hand, on both the palms facing to the patient’s chest .

Put the palms at the centre of the chest . You have to put the pressure on the patient chest .

Press the chest and release with full force. This cycle of pressing and releasing should be done at least 80 to 100 times per minute .

CPR has three cycles of 1 minute each. In between every cycle there is a rest of 10 seconds.

If patients wakes up in this 4 minute period, then shift the patient immediately to the nearest hospital .

If patient don’t wake up in 3 CPR cycles, then stop CPR . After 5 minutes you can’t recover human heart with CPR. So the patient is now dead.

Before some years CPR is given in such a way that , 1 minute chest compression followed by 10 s of mouth to mouth respiration. and three such cycles.

But after the years of research, scientist found that mouth to mouth respiration is of no use.

so now a days, only one minute chest compression followed by 10 s the rest is followed.

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