Tips for good sleep

Tips for good sleep

Tips for good sleep – lack of sleep is the major problem nowadays. And increasing day by day because of first lifestyle and tension.

Scientific name of that disease is insomnia . The main causes of insomnia are of mental diseases .

In some patient there is physical cause.

Causes of insomnia

fatigue related to excessive physical work – any type of excessive pain , bad habits of eating and drinking , sadness is the cause .

failure of a liver, excessive hypertension are the main causes of insomnia . Read more – wet eczema.

The Other causes are – late night work , excessive drinking of alcohol, tobacco chewing , gutkhas.

Also extreme noise till late night .

home remedies of insomnia । Tips for good sleep ।

Take some mustard oil or coconut oil . Apply it on your legs from knee joint to ankle joint. apply it on your palms. rub it slowly at night .

cut a lemon in half . Squeeze it and ad one teaspoon full of honey in it . Take that mixture at night before sleep .

Jaifal Churna (nutmeg powder ) . take a glass of water are add A Pinch of natmeg powder in it and drink at night .

Apply some mustard oil to forehead and year pinnas. That will relieve the symptom .

You can also use Navratna oil instead of mustard oil .

Take one glass of milk , add one teaspoonful of ghee in it . drink this milk at night . Also you can Sprinkle some Cold Water Drops on your eyes it will help you .

Ayurvedic medicine for good sleep

anwala , beheda , Giloy , chirayta . Take half teaspoonful of powder of each ingredient . Add all the Powder in one glass of water. boile this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes .

When this water remains half of the previous one, take out of the flame. Drink that Ayurvedic kadha at a time .

praval panchamrit – This is in powder form . Take 250 mg of powder add one teaspoonful of ghee and take two times a day.

ashvgandhaaristth – It comes in liquid form . Take 20 ml of ashwagandharishta mix in 20 ml of water and take it at night .

Tablet Sunidra – you have to take one tablet at night everyday for 3 to 4 days .

allopathic medicine for good sleep

Doctor ask you to test your blood and urine and blood sugar level . The can also do thyroid levels.

low and disturbed thyroid levels are the causes. If these causes found then you have to consult MD medicine doctor .

T. Itizola 0.25 mg ( etizolam) one tablet at night or

T. Restyl .0.5 ( alprazolam ) one tablet at night .

you may take only one tablet at night out of 2 medicines above. But before taking Ayurvedic allopathic medicines you have to consult your family doctor .

precautionary tips for good sleep

Constipation and gas are also the secondary causes of insomnia . So avoid it completely stop drinking , tambaku smoking Gutka etc.

Leave all of your daily tension before sleeping . Don’t over think anything. You may try radio, music , reading books at the time of sleeping.

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