Benefits of drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water – Drinking water empty stomach is beneficial to health. Many people have tried this trick for many years. But the question arises in many minds that warm water is beneficial or cold water is most beneficial to us? Then let’s find out the answer.

There are many benefits of cold water and there are many benefits of hot water also. But today we are only discussing about benefits of warm water. Many friends and your family members have told you the benefits of warm water. But most of you don’t know the scientific knowledge. knowledge you have known is only rumours.

I am giving you the scientific knowledge , that the benefits of warm water. The diseases which warm water cures and how warm water is taken to get most benefits of it. So let’s start. Read the post in hindi।

Benefits of drinking hot water । Benefits of warm water drinking ।

The patients gets most benefit from warm water are asthma, allergic rhinitis and common cold patients. If you have asthma and asthma attacks recurrently and severe asthma , then you have to take warm water daily for infinite time.

If normal people experience common cold and allergic rhinitis , then for three to five days this is recommended to take warm water daily. This will definitely help you.

Obesity – You all known that warm water reduces your weight. Many obese patient take a glass of warm water daily at empty stomach. But you have to add a teaspoonful of honey in it. honey and warm water dilutes your fat and make you slim.

Skin conditions – warm water flushes out toxins from human body through kidney. That will helps in removing acne and other skin problems. Toxins are harmful to human body Especially to skin.

Abdominal problems – warm water reduces abdominal discomfort . Warm water reduced aam in abdomed. Aam means acidity in in abdomen. Warm water decreases indigestion , abdominal fullness , gases production. It also increase appetite but there is a special way to drink.

For above benefits take one glass of warm water. Cut lemon into pieces. Sweeze half of the lemon in it . That means lemon juice. Take two times a day for 3 months. half an hour before meal.

Heart patients – warm water decreases cholesterol level in the blood. Cholesterol level is the main cause of heart attack , high BP, hypertension angina etc. So heart patients are advised to take warm water with half teaspoonful of turmeric powder.

To make that remedy , take one glass of water , add half teaspoonful of turmeric powder in it. boil for 5 minutes take this remedy everyday empty stomach.

Many girls and ladies have very painful periods. Many girls experience abdominal pain and backache, giddiness during menses. If you want to get rid of that period problem, then take a hot water bottle. That means water bottle containing hot water.

Put it over your lower abdomen for 5 minutes. As much you can tolerate it. This will relieve your lower abdominal pain and discomfort. Should you drink water while eating

Heat reduces vat dosh in our body. Water increases water content of our joint. Hot water increases Synovial fluid in joints . Synovial fluid act as a lubricant in joint. If you drink warm water 2 to 3 times a day then your joint pain and joint swelling may get relieved.

Benefits of drinking hot water – benefits of warm water drinking explained।

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