Omeprazole capsule 40 mg

Omeprazole capsule 40 mg

Omeprazole capsule 40 mg – Too many peoples are suffering from acidity , nausea and vomiting. Some may experience daily nauseating episodes. They have very much intensity of hyperacidity.

Many peoples takes capsule Omee and capsule omez daily. Some people takes a capsule daily to relieve their hyperacidity.

Most of the people buy capsule Omee and capsule omez in 4-5 strips, quantity of four to five strips at a time. But you don’t know there are much more side effects of Omee capsules.

In this article I am giving you the Thoreau and scientific information about the Omee and Omez capsules. That means the doses of omeprazole, interactions with Other Drugs, safety in pregnancy and lactation . Most importantly the side effects . so let’s start.

The content of capsule Omee and capsule Omez is Omeprazole 20 MG. Omeprazole is a Proton pump inhibitor , Proton pump is a structure situated in the the gastric mucosa.

It transfers h + ions. H+ are the ions. which increases the transfer h + ions and therefore acid secretion. Read this post in hindi.

Uses of Omeprazole capsule 40 mg

This capsule is mainly used for hyperacidity, nausea and vomiting, chest burning . Other diseases are Acid Reflux disease (GERD) gastroesophageal Reflux disease , gastric ulcer , duodenal ulcer and erosive esophagitis.

In esophagitis , due to acid secretion , burning sensation and the swelling are the main symptoms. Hiccups are also controlled by omee capsule.


Omee capsule comes in liquid and capsule form. 20 MG is a power of capsule and 2 mg per ml is a power of of liquid.

Liquid – the dose of liquid is 5ml 2 times a day before meal in Children’s and 10 ml 2 times a day before meal in adults .

Omee capsule is preferred beyond the age of 13 years. The doses are , one capsules a day before meal for both Children’s and adults.

Side effects of capsule omee

Side Effects are only seen if omee capsule is taken daily for years . If you take this capsule daily for years then body becomes desensitize to omee capsule. That means you can’t see any effect or decreased effect on taking of Omeprazole. This effect diminishes with time progresses.

Other Side Effects are headache , abdominal pain , loose motions , bloating , abdominal fullness , gases , production , giddiness and constipation.

Contraindications of Omeprazole capsule 40 mg

If you are taken any kind of sleeping pills and anticoagulant , which is given in angina after heart attack and chest pain. Tablet of epilepsy.

Then before taking Omeprazole capsule you have to consult to your family doctor. Because omee capsule increases the efficacy and strength of all the above capsules.

Safety of omez / omee capsule

omee capsule is not safe in pregnancy . You should avoid totally in pregnancy. It is safe in lactation. Omeprazole can found can be found in breast milk but quantities is negligible. So it is indicated in breastfeeding.

if you don’t want to suffer any side effect of omee capsule , then you have to take omee capsule after three to four days of gap. Don’t take it regularly and daily . Avoid it in pregnancy.

tulsi drop benefits. Omee capsule and capsule omez doses and uses explained.

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