Premature graying of hair

Premature graying of hair

Premature graying of hair- I have seen many patients in my clinic regarding premature greying of hair. Many of them are below 20. Greying of hair is a natural process, progresses as age progress.

But because of today’s changing lifestyle , this problem increased in early age groups. Today we are discussing about causes of premature greying of hair. Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment of premature greying of hair.

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Greying of hair causes

Undernutrition, malnutrition – malnutrition is the first and the main cause . Because of the today’s changed lifestyle, missed meals or fluctuating timing in meals.

Womens have special wrong hobbies developed regarding food. Some ladies don’t eat meat, eggs, fish ,bitter gourd etc. Because of that malnourishment occurs.

Stress, insomnia – Because of today’s changing lifestyle, peoples have much more stress in their workplace. Also some student has exam tensions , some has family problems . All of these tensions leads to this problem.

Pollution ,dirt, UV rays, sun rays toxins, chemicals are some other causes.

Hormonal imbalance- Teenagers have common problem of hormonal imbalance . Sex hormones inbalance are commons in adolescent. Thyroid and parathyroid hormone imbalance, pituitary hormonal imbalance are common in middle and average person.

Prematire graying of hair Allopathic treatment

Tablet Cipcal 500 mg, content is calcium. One tablet 2 times a day morning and evening after meal.

Capsule Bon DK – (cholecalciferol capsule Vitamin D3 ). This tablet is taken once a week. That means 4 capsules in a month.

Protein X powder – protein X protein , powder take 1 teaspoon full of protinex protein powder, mix it in one glass of milk. Mix it well and take empty stomach in morning.

Capsule Evion 400 MG – Vitamin E capsule. This capsule should be taken orally once a day in the morning after meal . Another way of using this capsule is, puncture a capsule , apply the liquid content in it over your scalp. Massage it well . Do it two times in a week.

Premature greying of hair Ayurvedic treatment

Shatavari Kalpa – Take 1 teaspoons full of Shatavari Kalpa mix it in one glass of milk . Stirr well and take it empty stomach daily.

Mahabhringraj tail oil – massage with this oil to your scalp. Do this 2 timed in a week. Wash the hairs in next morning.

Now I am telling you the home remedy , Take 12 to 15 teaspoonfull of coconut oil , add 15 to 20 coriander leaves in it . Take middle sized o gooseberry , make 4 to 5 pieces of it . Adding to that mixture .

Mixture should be warmed for 5 minutes . Take precaution not to burn that mixture. Store the medicinal oil in a glass bottle . Apply this mixture to your scalp 2 days in a week at night.

Precautions to prevent white hairs

Take your meals regularly. Your meals should enriched with all the vegetables , pulses, serials, dry fruits , non veg etc. Dont omit any kind of food.

Take 20 MG of soyabean daily at morning . Wash your hairs with quality shampoo two times in a week. Sfter shampooing apply conditioner over your hairs and wait for 10 minutes. Then rinse your hair.

While taking Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines , start with only one path at a time. That means either ayurvedic medicines or either allopathic medicines. Don’t intermix the treatment . Take the treatment for at least 3 months regularly. You will definitely see the result.

Premature graying of hair explained. Stay fit stay healthy. Rct treatment

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