Vitamin c benefits

Vitamin C benefits

Vitamin c benefits- – From today’s corona epidemic , all of us have taken immunity booster doses . The most famous tablet for increasing immunity is limcee tablet 500mg . The content is vitamin C . Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid scientifically.

In India for the treatment of covid-19 patients, Vitamin C is given in daily dose . So let’s discuss about sources of Vitamin C for humans. Which vegetables are containing vitamin C the benefits of Vitamin C. The diseases which are benefited by Vitamin C treatment.

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Vitamin c source । vitamin c foods ।

Gross Berry gooseberry is the main and primary source of vitamin C fruits citrus fruits are lime sweet lime Santra orange the other sources are potato guava black paper also strawberry broccoli break currents are the some other sources having Vitamin C

How let’s see how Vitamin C is beneficial to us. Pharmacokinetics of Vitamin C. That means what vitamin C does in our body.

First is cell regeneration. Cell regeneration process is indefinite from birth to death and Vitamin C helps it. This helps in formation of bones, cartilage and teeth. It makes bones and teeth very strong.

It helps to absorb HB from gut. That means as concentration of Vitamin C increases absorption of hemoglobin increases. It also helps in Folic acid metabolism and transformations in body.

Vitamin C takes part in carbohydrate metabolism and energy production . This is a part of whole blood clotting process.

Vitamin c benefits

As earlier stated, all beneficiary work done by Vitamin C in our body is related to cure some diseases. So let’s see the beneficial benefits of Vitamin C.

It’s increases immunity, Because of this property , many people’s has been taken this tablet to prevent covid-19. Indian government also approved vitamin c in the treatment of covid-19 patients.

It cures scurvy – Scurvy is a disease. Symptoms of the disease are gum bleeding, gum pain, gum swelling and tenderness. Regular treatment with Vitamin C cures the scurvy permanently.

Anaemia – As it helps in hemoglobin absorption and Folic acid transformation. Vitamin C is given in iron deficiency anaemia, Pernicious anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia and other anemias.

Wound healing – As it helps cell regeneration, older wounds and deep cuts are cured instantly with no time with the treatment of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C hass antioxidant properties. Antioxidant property means, it eliminates toxic elements from our body. Vitamin C does the work by eliminating uric acid from our body.

Ss uric acid Gates saturated in our body, it leads to a disease called gout. The symptoms of gout are swelling and tenderness, pain over the greater toe of foot’s.

Vitamin c benefits for skin

It increases appetite. So it helps in anorexia. Skin gets glowing and fresh on application of Vitamin C creams to our face. Face gets Shiny and glowing skin.

Premature graying of hair . Stay fit stay healthy.

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