Jalneti – Ayurveda has much more procedure for curing the disease. Like nasya, vaman (vomiting) ,virechan (loose motion) ,Jal Neti etc. Today we are talking about jalneti only.

In today’s corona epidemic , Jal Neti is most important. Jalneti kills coronavirus in nose. We can control covid-19 epidemic with the regular use of Jal Neti.

So let’s learn the total Jal Neti procedure in detail. Precautions to take, preparations before main procedure. Things that required for jalneti.

The two objects are required. One is Jalneti pot and second is lukewarm water. This procedure is done in front of basin. The main aim of the Jalneti is anterior nasal wash.

Corona patient will most benefited with this procedure. Because coronavirus firstly inter into the nose, from there he migrates to lungs and from lungs to all over body. Read more- pica in children

Jal Neti kills virus in the nose. So the further procedure is arrested. We have to do this procedure two times a day. First at morning and second at evening. Time required to do the procedure is only 2 minutes, nothing more than that.

Kapal bharati

You have to clean the nose properly before starting the procedure. To clean the anterior nasal walls, there is another Ayurvedic procedure done before main procedure. The name of this procedure is kapal Bharati.

Firstly close the left nostril with your left finger. Then exhale breath with full power. Do it for 10 times. Then close the right nostril with your right finger, and exhale for another 10 times.

Always use the lukewarm water for the process. Don’t take cold water or very hot water. You can get Jalnti pot in your nearest medical store. Or you can buy it online. The capacity of this Pot is around 50 ml. don’t add salt in it. Use light water.

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Jalneti procedure

Stand in front of basin, keeping JalNeti pot in one hand. Bend 90 degrees forward, look at your right side. Fully insert the the nozzle of Jalneti pot in your right nostril. Let’s flow out the lukewarm water through nostrils. Water comes out from your left nose.

Look at your left side fully, then insert the Jal Neti pot nosal in your left nostril. Allow the water flow through your nose. Water will came out from your right nostril. Repeat this procedure 2 times.

Clean both the nostrils after procedure with cotton cloth. The only aim is that processor is to clean anterial nostrils. Only anteriar nasal wash. Don’t let the water go inside your throat. For first two to three days you can’t perform the act correctly. But don’t scare.

You can do this act correctly after 2 to 3 days after regular practice. Some water gets in to the throat or mouth. But don’t fear after 2 to 3 days you will expertise the act.

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