Blood donation benefits

Blood donation benefits

Blood donation benefits – blood donation is good deed. Blood donation is the greatest of all donations. ‘Raktdan shreshthadan’ is a slogan in Marathi in India.

Have you know ? you are donated one bag of blood, can save the lives of four different peoples. Regular donation of blood benefits you also. You should know the blood donation benefits, blood donation requirements and blood donation rules in detail.

blood donation requirements

You should be at least 18 years old before donating blood. Your weight should be more than 50 kgs. You should not be immunocompromised.

There is no HIV, hepatitis B and other infectious diseases that you are suffering from. You should be a healthy, fit and file individual.

blood donation rules

You can donate blood after every 6 month. Before 6 months of time, you can’t donate blood. It is harm harmful to your health.

The gap of minimum 3 months should be kept between severe illness and blood donation. That means you can donate blood only after 3 months of your severe illness. Blood donation should not be done to earn money.

Only 350 ml of blood can be withdrawn ,donated at a time. You can’t donate blood more than that. It is harmful to your health. Read more- B comples benefits

Blood donation benefits

Blood donation is a good deed. Feeling of saving anyone’s life makes you feel happy.

Prevents hemochromatosis – Our body continuously produces iron to increase HB percentage. If quantity of blood remains the same for longer time. Then the produced iron gets deposited in vital organs. These organs are heart, liver, pancreas , kidney etc. Hemochromatosis can harm these vital organs.

Prevents blood cancer – according to the recent studies, regular blood donors are found less prone to blood cancer. This might be due to replacement of old blood to new blood.

Lowers heart attack – according to American journal of epidemiology, blood donors can get 88% less Heart Attack incidents. Regular blood donation lowers the iron and cholesterol level. Newly formed blood is thin and less concentrated. It makes clotting difficult.

Weight loss – regular blood donation makes you thin. It helps in reducing weight. Read more- pulse oximeter

It helps to maintain the body’s ability to form new blood. If body experiences sudden and heavy blood loss due to any injuries or bleeding tendencies. Then this ability to produce blood helps in that situation.

Liver cirrhosis, liver failure, pancreatitis and other pancreas disease are less observed in regular donors.

Your blood are tested for HIV, hepatitis B infection hbv and other infections diseases for free. You will get free body checkup that means your BP, pulse rate blood group it is. All blood donation benefits are explained.


So donate your blood regularly every after 6 months. It is very useful to your health. Stay fit stay healthy. Read more- computer vision syndrome

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