B complex vitamin benefits

B complex vitamin benefits

B complex vitamin benefits- today we are discussing about B complex vitamin. Many people knows about B complex capsule. This is the most self medicated medicine used all whole over the world.

If I ask to you, when you are using this B complex capsule? Then 99% of US answers me , that we take this medicine from our nearest medical store. To cure our mouth ulcer. This is widely used a medicine to cure mouth ulcers.

The brand names are, capsule big sule, capsule becosules etc. Beyond the use in mouth ulcers, B complex capsule used in a variety of diseases. It cures many more diseases in human. So let’s know about b complex vitamin benifits and b complex vs b12.

b complex vs b12

B complex is a group of Vitamins. Containing 8 different type of vitamins. First one is B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin B3 niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, b6 pyridoxime , B7 biotin, B9 folate, B12 methylcobalamin. B12 is a one of 8 b complex vitamins.

Many of the brands don’t give all of it vitamins in their combination. They only give B1, B2, B6 and B12. So investigate the presence of all vitamins while buying B complex capsule. It is very helpful to cure disease.

B complex vitamin benefits

First and the most use of B complex capsule is in anaemia. If anyone has megaloblastic anaemia or less HB. In both of these conditions, B complex capsule helps in 3 months of regular use. It will cure any kind of anaemia with other haematinic medicines.

Anorexia – If anyone feels anorexia, anorexia means lack of appetite. Diminished appetite. Then on combination with other appetizers, i have using B complex. I have observed that, B complex increases appetite and cures your anorexia to many extent.

Calf muscle sprain – some people experience pain and sprain in calf muscles. They are feeling tired while walking some distance. These symptoms will definitely get relieved by this medicine.

Mouth ulcer – here comes the most famous use of this capsule. As you all know that b complex capsule is widely used to cure mouth ulcers. But if you have acute mouth cancer, less than 2 to 3 days of onset. Then you have to take B complex capsule 2 times a day, after meal for 5 days.

But if you have recurrent and chronic mouth ulcers. That means mouth ulcers coming every after 15 days to one month. Recurrently over one year. Then you have to take course of 5 to 11 injections according to your disease severity. Injection neurokind Fort is taken on alternate day. It is very helpful to cure permanently. Read more- cancer treatment

b complex uses

Fatigue – fatigue means weakness. If anyone feels weakness, long standing weakness without any particular cause. If his investigations are normal. Then B complex capsule will definitely help this patient.

Hyperacidity – some patient feels increased acidity, chest burning gastroesophageal Reflux disease, nausea and vomiting recurrently. Then along with antacids, we are observed that B complex capsule helps. The course of three months, will cure acidity. It will relieve acidity instantly, and in some patients completely.

Tingling and numbness – some patient feels loss of sensation and numb fingers of one or both the hands and feets. This disease called as tingling numbness. To cure this disease injection neurokind Fort 5- 11 injections has to be taken on alternate day.

Deep wound- if anyone have bruises and contusions that had not cured for longer time. Or deep wounds. In both the conditions B complex capsule will cure the wounds in no time.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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