Pulse oximeter readings

Pulse oximeter readings

Pulse oximeter readings – In today’s epidemic, there are two major instruments that everybody should possess at their home. These are pulse oximeter and infra-red contactless thermal scanner.

Today we are discussing about only pulse oximeters. Many people have brought Pulse oximeters for their home. While many peoples are thinking to buy the same.

Some people have a little bit knowledge about pulse oximeter. But majority of peoples don’t have it. Today I am telling you the normal readings of pulse oximeters. What values that pulse oximeter tells us. And which abnormal findings that suggest covid-19. When we should perform the covid-19 test.

Pulse oximeter normal readings

Pulse oximeter tells us the four readings. First Spo2 percentage, second is perfusion index, third one is pulse rate and forth one is waveform. Spo2 percentage is the oxygen saturation in our arterial blood flow.

perfusion index

Perfusion index is a ratio obtained by dividing the blood flow in arteries when heart beats, to the blood flow in arteries when heart not beats. This is a index or A ratio calculated dividing these 2 values.

PR means, pulse rate. It is also known as heart rate. It is a count that heart beats in one minute. Waveform indicates the strength in arteries among time.

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Pulse oximeter normal ranges

Normal level of spo2 percentage are 94 to 100. Pulse rate ranges from 60 to 100 Sometime heart rate may cross 100. PI erfusion index normal ranges from 0.2 to 20. Although we don’t have much use of perfusion index. This is important for comatoes and ICU patients.

For our Point of view it should be in the level of 1.0 to 10. Because when PI ranges in between 1 to 10, then the spo2 and the pulse rate readings are accurate for particular pulse oximeter.

Now main question arises. When we should perform the Corona test. How this pulse oximeter tells us. When your Spo2% percentage brought down below 94. That means suppose you are spo2 percentage is 87 or 90, 92. Then you should perform the Corona test.

Resting tachycardia

If your pulse rate crosses beyond 120 per minute, then you should perform your corona test. Resting tachycardia is a main sign of covid-19. We have observed that, many peoples are having Spo2 percentage normal. But pulse rate ranging to 132 – 145 per minute.

Resting tachycardia means, if you are not performing any work, you are sitting relaxed. At that time your pulse rate goes beyond 120 per minute. This is resting cake tachycardia.

Hope your all doubts have been cleared. Use pulse oximeter and check your spo2, pulse rate regularly. Stay fit stay healthy.

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