Side effects of using cooking oil recurrently

side effects of using cooking oil recurrently

side effectside effect of using cooking oil recurrently –

We all love deep fried and junk foods. Like bhajiya , pakoda, Vada Pav , Samosa kachori are the favourite ones.

We all love eating outside and the street foods. These are the favourite of all. But you don’t know the Dark Side.

The person who is preparing this Fried foods thaey don’t waste any oil , that lefts behind after frying.

they boile oil recurrent for frying . You don’t know the side effect of eating the foods fried in that recurrently boiled oil .

So in that article I am going to tell you all the side effects of using oil recurrently for frying.

aids is not spread through.

side effects of using cooking oil recurrently

according toaccording to studies carried by scientific India , when oil is boiled more than one time then it Converse into a poison.

It increases oxygen free radicals in our body . This is most dangerous to us .

This increases heat in our body. It causes itching.

If we boil oil 2 many times then it removes nutritional values . Also heat converts normal fat into trans fat.

Free radicals are carcinogenic. It will cause cancer stomach CA stomach. That means cancer of abdomen.

Oil goes through some chemical processes , such as high temperature hydrolysis , oxidation and polymerisation.

This will cause high level of cholesterol in blood and you also know high cholesterol level causes heart diseases, high BP, Heart Attack and angina chest pain etc .

Final conclusion

So the final conclusion is that – boil the oil only for two times not more than that.

If you use oil boiled more than three times then there is nothing healthy to you.

oil boiled many times is hazardous to our health. Take this precaution at home and avoid eating outside fried food completely .

Shallow fry is the best option for that . In this process you can take oil that much you need.

side effects of boilling oil for cooking frequently and side effects of using cooking oil recurrently explained here.

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