Benefits of honey for skin

Benefits of honey for skin

Benefits of honey for skin – Honey holds the prestigious position in Ayurveda . Honey is the key ingredient of many ayurvedic proprietary medicines.

Honey is most beneficial . But there is only one condition that honey should be pure to gain its benefits. Read the post in hindi.

You all are thinking that how honey is such beneficial to our health. How many diseases are get cured with honey?

which are the doses and the right method to take honey ? Benefits of honey for skin , benefits of honey and turmeric . In this article we are giving the answers of all the questions.

Contents of honey

Honey has majority content as sugar . Almost 75% of honey contains sugar. These sugars are of three types. These are glucose fructose and sucrose.

Along with that proteins , amino acids, pollen particals, keshar , iron, sodium , copper calcium, chlorine, these are the micronutrients found in a honey.

It contains multivitamins that benefits to us. which are the vitamins ? A vitamin , b complex antioxidants , vitamin e .

benefits of honey 🍯

Cough, cold and allergic rhinitis – if you have such a problem, then honey is most benefited to you. In common cold and cough and allergic rhinitis honey helps by its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

benefits of honey lemon water

Take one teaspoon full of honey , mix 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice in it. Add half teaspoonful of coconut oil. Mix it well then take it daily empty stomach .

For asthma patients – it should be taken daily for lifetime . For all the peoples they will take this remedy for their common cold and fever .

severe weakness

As honey contains 75% of sugar , then it benefits most in weakness l, ong-standing weakness, and fatigue. In that case you have to take one teaspoon full of honey everyday . Then your weakness will go in no time .

Obesity – If you are you are overweight and you want to become thin person. Then you have heard the benefit of honey before. But not the right dose and right method to take.

The right way to loose weight is, to take 1 teaspoonful of honey with one glass of warm water. It should be taken at empty stomach daily for six month. In six month you will definitely lose 6-8 kg of weight .

benefits of honey for skin

Honey is second most beneficial to skin. While you are planning to go outdoors, for function, reception , marriage and festival . Then many of us uses artificial face washes and soaps.

But I would suggest you to use honey for face wash. On such occasions , take 3 to 4 drops of honey on your palm. Mix five drops of water in it .

mix well and rub this mixture on your face for 5 minutes. Then wash your face . You will see the result. Your face is now shiny and glowing .

Almost each and every adolscent girl or boy faces acne problem . Apply honey to acne and acne prone skin .

leave it there for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Repeat daily three times for at least one and a half month . At the end of this period your face is free of acne .

benefits of honey and turmeric

As honey possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties also. Along with that honey has acidic PH . So it helps in curing the injuries fast .

Honey cures your bruises , cuts and injuries in no time. But you have to apply honey three times a day on your wound for 7 days . You an apply turmeric along with honey.

Diarrhea – loose motion. Research suggest that if we give honey in loose motion patient that diarrhoea will get cure early.

Honey is a supportive medicine in curing diarrhoea. It should be given along with another antibacterial and antiameobic and ORS therapy.

Honey is good for our gut and cures most of our abdominal problems. It helps in growing of good bacteria and reduces bad bacteria . It keeps our abdomen happy.

benefits of honey for skin and benefits of honey lemon water explained in detail. read more – tulsi drop benefits.

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