Wet eczema

Wet eczema

In recent years , allergic skin diseases are progressing Rapidly . Out of allergic skin diseases there is a disease called wet Eczema. Which is prominent of all .

in in today’s article we are going to see the symptoms of weight eczema. What is wet eczema and the treatment also.

what is weight gym wet eczema

In this disease itching is very prominent. Especially in the palms and soles . tching is very Severe. so that the superficial skin comes out and cracks happens over the skin .

somesome cracks also bleeds Palms , souls , the skin between fingers and the surrounding skin of palms and soul is affected .

causes of wet Eczema

wet Eczema is allergic skin disease. This is caused by some allergen . There are some associated allergic diseases .

These are allergic rhinitis , coughing, asthma, copd etc. Read more – treatment of head lice.

Eczema is prominent in palms and soles. if any chemical object comes in contact of this skin area then allergy occurs.

so we have to find this first.

First thing who will get the disease and what are the allergens?

Chemicals are the most common causes . Persons who works in the chemical factory, they came recurrently in contact with these chemicals .

Soaps , detergents are also chemicals. floor cleaners , toilet cleaners are also Chemicals. And ladies come in contact with this chemicals frequently.

Plastic shoes , hand gloves which are used by doctors and nurses these are also allergens. watches, ornaments, rings these are also allergens.

Some people have allergy to soil and dust , mud. In some cases no such allergens found these are called as idiopathic cases.

treatment of wet eczema

If anyone has known allergy to above mentioned allergens , then he should totally avoid that allergy.

This is the main stay of the treatment.

In Allopathy there are some creams . Love cooking- kariwari chicken curry recipe.

dermikem oc / dexoderm OC and Leta GM cream / betanovate GM cream / clobeta GM cream.

Take one cream of above first 2 and take one cream out of three mentioned later.

Take a little bit cream from both the tubes, mix it will and apply on wet Eczema for whole night . You can wash this tomorrow morning .

T. Medrol 4 mg content is ( methylprednesolone ) you have to take one tablet at night .

tablet levocet m ( levocetirizine plus Monteleukast ) . take this tablet one in the morning . You have to take these tablets for one month .

ayurvedic treatment

tablet. praval panchamrit – take two tablets two times a day.

padadaari Malam – apply this Malam cream at night .

take this ayurvedic medicines for continuously 2 months and then see the result .

home remedies for wet eczema

take half teaspoonful of Kapoor churna and half teaspoon full of haldi powder in it .

Add one teaspoon full of Aloe Vera gel . Mix this well and apply this medicine at night. leave it for full night. Do this regularly .

You have to take only one treatment at a time . That means take ayurvedic or allopathic medicine at a time and home remedies can be applied with both these treatment.

but allopathic medicines have to be taken only on the prescription of your family doctor and after consulting them.

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