Treatment for head lice

Treatment for head lice

Treatment for head lice – Head lice is the most common problem found in children’s. Lice also found in women and sometimes in mens. The most common symptom of head lies is extreme etching.

You can also see the lice in your armpits and pubic hairs. Many of the sufferers have tried home remedies, many tips suggested by their families and friends.

Some are consulted to their family physician. But if you don’t have relief from head lice ; if you want to know which head lice treatment uis best then this article is made for you.

In today’s article , we are discussing about the causes of head lice and the permanent treatment for head lice. I am telling you the allopathy treatment that we doctors are prescribing for head lice.

What is head lice

So what are the head lice? What type of animals are the head lice? They are the small animals which have no wings. They are parasites they stays in human hair, that means pubic hair , armpits and head.

Causes of head lice

They spreads via physical contact of infected person. That means person to person spread. If you come with close contact with infected person or uses the objects of each other. Then you have chance to suffer.

Other reasons are dandruff , oily skin and dirty hair. Some children’s and ladies don’t take care of their hair. They take bath of their hairs sometimes after 7 days. Dirty hairs are the Main causes.

Treatment for head lice । which head lice treatment is best ।

So I am telling you the treatment of head lice; which is 100% effective . We doctors are preferably give this medicines to our patient.

The content name is permethrin. Permethrin 5% lotion , scabiguard , scabicip , scabic are the famous brand names. That you can get in your nearest medical shop.

Permethrin for ticks

Process of applying permethrin lotion –

Wash your hair with anti dandruff shampoo, dry your hair well. Apply scabi guard lotion to your scalp and all hair. This bottle comes in 60 ml. you should apply all the content at one time.

Wait for 10 minutes . Do not rinse or Wash Out this medicine before 10 minutes. After 10 minutes , wash the hair , dry the hair well. After that comb the hair well and remove all dead hair lice.

You have to repeat all the process after once in in 7 days this is allopathic medicine that you have to take a on prescription of medical general practitioner.

If you have head lice problem; then you have to consult your family doctor and then and then only you should apply the medicine.

This article is only for informative purpose. This medicine will cure your head lice permanently. But they can occur after some time or some days .

To avoid recurrence you have to to clean your head and hair regularly . Make your hair neat and clean.

Treatment for head lice and which head lice treatment is best is explained. High protein diet for vegetarians.

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