Mango side effects

Mango side effects

Mango side effects – Summer season is the mango season in India. Mango is the favourite fruit of everyone . Mangoes are enriched with vitamins minerals and carbohydrates . We all love mangoes a lot.

They are much more benefits of mangos. You all know them , but along with some benefits there are some side effects of Mangoes.

Everything has to be done in limit . This is also applied for mangoes . Mango lovers , excess eating can lead to some serious diseases. In some diseases mangoes are totally avoided.

It can lead to some serious Side Effects. Side effect of mango , when mango ripe . So let’s see all of them. Read this post in hindi.

Mango side effects

Firstly we will discuss about the side effects which is caused by overeating of mangoes . Heavy eating can lead to abdominal discomfort , loose motion, gastroenteritis, vomitting , nausea etc.

It can lead to skin problems like acne allergic dermatitis furuncles boils it is Android 1 nripen mangoes leads to the infection around lips decision allergic condition causes itching pustules red rash and pain around the lips special in childrens

When mango ripe

Calcium carbide is used to ripen the mangoe. Calcium carbide is a carcinogenic substance. It can lead to kidney failure, stomach cancer . These type of diseases found in mango lovers. Naturally mango ripens in 7-10 days but calcium carbide ripens it within 3 days.

Side effects of mango

Now let’s discuss about the diseases in which mangoes are totally been avoided, better avoided. The diseases in which mangoes are best to be avoided are –

Diabetes – ripened mangoes contains lots of sugar. Mango can lead to severe increase in sugar levels. So it is better to be avoided in diabetes.

Heart diseases – If anyone has , heart diseases, then they should avoid mangoes. Mango increased cholesterol levels and cholesterol causes heart attack. Also previous heart attack, IHD, angina patients are also contraindicated.

Obese patients, overweight patients not supposed to eat mangoes . Because mango can lead to increase their weight. It has lots of carbohydrate content.

For asthma patients – It is better to be avoided. because mango can precipitate asthma attack. many people have experienced this.

Mouth ulcers – who is suffering from mouth ulcers and recurrent mouth ulcers. Those must stay away from mangoes because mangoes increases mouth ulcers.

Acidity – Raw mangoes are loved mostly by womens. Raw mangoes mostly used to make pickles. Pickles and raw mangoes combinely increases hyperacidity.

If you love mangoes then you can eat in Limited quantities only . If and only if you don’t have above mentioned diseases the you are permitted to eat mangoes.

Mango side effects and when mango ripe explained in detail. Thank you 🙏🙏. Precautions while taking homeopathic medicine.

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