Side effects of birth control pills

side effects of birth control pills

Side effects of birth control pills – Majority of womens are taking birth control pills. The brand names are ovral -l ,mala-d, mala-N. The main benefit of these tablets are to avoid pregnancy.

But have you know ? there are much more side effects of birth control pills. What are the doses of birth control pills? when to start on when to stop the tablets. What are the tips and tricks to conquer the side effect of that tablets.

When woman takes this tablets? first one newly married couple, who don’t want to bear a child for 2 to 3 years. Second one , a mother of one child wanting to space some space in between two childrens. Third one, is the mother having two to three childs and don’t want children any more.

Oral contraceptive pills , OC pills are the first choice of drug for newly married couples. But a mother of one child has a second better option which is copper t. And the in 3rd case mother don’t want a child anymore , then she have to under go tubectomy operation.

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Doses of oral contraceptive pills

Here comes a pocket containing 21 pills. Some brands provide 30 pills. For 21 pills you have to start first pill on 5th day of your menstrual cycle. Continue it till the 26th day of mc.

For 30 days 30 pills pocket, start the first pill on first day of mc and continue it till 30th day.

Birth control pills side effect

If you are taken birth control pills over years. Then and then only you will face these side effects. That means continuous use of oc pills for more than one year.

OC pills contains female sex hormones. That is oestrogen and progesterone. Continuous ingesion of this hormonal pills causes hormonal imbalance. These are the synthetic hormones. They are are not natural ones and hormonal imbalance causes some side effects.

1 palpitations and feeling of restlessness – Many women complaints restlessness, palpitations feeling of unwellness, feeling of fear, after taking these tablets.

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2. Nausea and vomiting – Taking birth control pills empty stomach will causes increase in hyperacidity. IT leads to nausea and vomiting episodes. So always take this pills after meal.

3. Edema over breast – Some woman complaining of breast enlargement, breast heaviness and edema over breast. Somebody feel tenderness over breast, that means pain while touching.

side effects of oc pills

4. Headache and migraine – If you have chronic headache or migraine, then you have not supposed to take OC pills. Because OC pills may exaggerate your headache and migraine problems.

5. Vaginal discharge- Private parts of ladies having a discharge, colourless watery discharge. This is a healthy one. But if this discharge turns thick , white or yellow, this is a sign of disease.

This disease is fungal infection of vagina. That means of yeast origin. Continuous ingestion of oral contraceptive pills decreases immunity power. So that fungal infection occurs.

6. Increase in weight – look at yourself or your neighbouring womens. You can observe that, after marriage so many women’s gains weight. What is the reason behind that? The reason is birth control pills.

Some women experience laziness. To stop weight gain and laziness, you should reduce your salt intake in diet. This will helps you to reduce weight and laziness.

7. Low sex drive – According to recent studies due to disturbance in female sex hormone, many women experience low libido.

8. Melasma – melasma means black and dark spots surroundings eye and nose , over forehead. Chronic use of birth control pills , plus heavy Sun exposure, UV light exposure leads to melasma.

If you have these symptoms then you should consult your family doctor. They decide to stop the pills or change it to other contraceptive methods.

tips to prevent side effects of birth control pills

If you take birth control pills every month for continuous 1-2 years, then and then only you experience these side effect. Soo there is a tip to counter these side effects.

The tip is, take these pills for continuous five months. That means five menstrual cycles. Take a gap for one month then start again for next 5 month and do it repeatedly.

In that 1 month , use another contraceptive method. That means , safe unsafe period , condom etc. This will control most of your side effects.

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Stay fit stay healthy .

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