Injection sites for IM

Injection sites for IM

Injection sites for IM – Everybody goes to clinic. Rather you’re willing or not willing, if you feel sick then you must have to go to a doctor. Some people have fear in their mind. They are feared about injection. So they can’t go to doctor.

Some people say that injections are very painful. So they don’t take injections. In this blog I would make you Fearless about injections. I will tell you the trick. By following this trick your injection will be no more painful.

Let’s see the total sites of IM injections in human body. Which site is best for injection. Which side is less painful. In which site you must take IM injection and the side to be avoided.

IM injections means intramuscular injections. The injection which given inside the deep muscle mass. You know the common sites of im injections. You all know the two sites of injections first in buttocks and second on the arm.

Injections are painful, in which patient? who contract and keep tight their hands and legs while taking injections. Maake hands and legs loose and sleep relaxed, take a deep breath while taking injections. So injection may not become painful.

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IM injection sites

There are four IM injection sites in human body. First is in gluteal region, that is buttock region. Arm has two sites second is deltoid area that means just below your shoulder joint. Third one is tricep area, tricep area means arms middle lateral part. Forth one is thigh, anterolateral aspect of thigh.

1. Gluteal region is the safest site for any injection admission. Every person must take their IM injection in gluteal region. Doctors also , they should administrator injection in this area. This is the least painful site. Gluteal region has big muscle mass. So we can give full dose of any medicine in that site.

Painful injections like oily injections, hormonal injections and high doses of any injections. Injection for increasing HB and to cure any type of anaemia. All the above injections are very painful, so this must be given in gluteal area only.

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2. Deltoid region – this is second most safe place toadminister IM injection. This site has less muscle than gluteal region. So we can’t give the full dose of any kind of injections. Also oily injections, hormonal injections and injections for anaemia and other in full doses should not be given in deltoid area. This is is very less used site in practice.

3. Tricep area – This area is most famous of all. Many doctor prefers to give injections in this site. ladies also prefer to take injections in that site. Because in India ladies are very shy to expose their buttocks to doctor. They wear blouse that covers the deltoid area. So the only area remains is tricep area.

This is worst site to take injections. Because tricep muscle contains radial nerve. If unfortunately needle Pricks the radial nerve, then it becomes more painful. Also chances of sepsis are also high. Not a single injection can be given in that area.

4. Anterolateral aspect of thigh- This is a site referred for neonates and kids ageing below 2 years. Till 2 years of age gluteal muscles has not fully developed. Thigh muscles are developed well in children’s. So anterolateral aspect of thigh are the best choice for kids below 2 years.

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So the final conclusion is that both patient and doctor should take and give all of injections in gluteal region only. Including women. Don’t give and don’t take injections in tricep area.

Deltoid area is the the second choice in in ladies who are shy. Antero Lateral aspect of thigh are the best area for neonates and childrens below 2 years of age.

Don’t contract or stiff legs and hand while taking injections. it will cause pain.

Take care , stay fit stay healthy.

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