RCT treatment

RCT treatment

RCT TREATMENT- Dental caries, teeth pain , gingivitis are very common problems in day today life. Everyone should meet these problems once in a lifetime. We visit a dentist if we face these problems. After examining Dr Advisces many people to do root canal.

So many questions arises in common mind, that when we should perform root canal treatment ? RTC how much visits are planned for root canal treatment ? which is the total treatment cost? so I am giving you all the answer to your questions.

Anatomy of teeth

Human teeth has major three parts. First is enamel .It is also known as crown. It is the uppermost part of teeth . And the hardest of all . This is which what we see of teeth the outer covering.

Second part is dentin. Dentin is the body of teeth. It acquires majority portion of the teeth. It is somewhat hard not hard as in enamel.

Third part is Pulp. Pulp is the innermost part of the teeth. It is soft it contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. It is embedded into the Boney parte of mandible.

Indication for RCT TREATMENT

If dental caries are limited to only uppermost part of enamel, then there is no need of root canal . Only cleaning of dental caries and filling with cement or silver is sufficient.

But when dental caries are passes beyond dentin or Occupies the pulp area. Then root canal treatment is must.

How much root canal treatment cost

Cost is depending upon the cap type. Which type of cap is used ? There are two types of caps one is ceramic and second is Steel cap. Steel cap is cheaper than ceramic one . RCT with steel cap cost 4000 to 4500₹ and RCT with ceramic cap cost 5000 to 5500 ₹. Fluctuating per dentist.

Procedure of RCT treatment

Root canal treatment has total 4 sittings. On first day Dr inserts a needle Above your caries tooth, in the gums. He will give you anaesthesia through a syringe . He ask you to wait for 10 minutes . 10 minutes is a time to anaesthesise the surrounding tooth and the area.

With the use of machine doctor will remove your all the Caries. He will offer you a disinfectant water to flush your mouth. And remove the debris. The water contains sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant. Which he will offer you every after 2 minutes.

After that he will make a hole in enamel and dentin to reach the pulp. He will remove all the part of your pulp. Removal of nerves and blood vessels, connective tissue is a Moto of root canal treatment. Removing nerves can make the teeth painless for life.

Removing pulp material makes a borrow pit in the teeth. This pit is temporary filled by a temporary filling material. which is Gutta percha. Gutta percha is a most popular filling material used by dentist.

Doctor advises you to not take food for next 6 to 7 hours . You can take soft diet at dinner. means rice Upma etc. He will prescribe you the five days of antibiotic course. And calls you after 5 days for second visit.

Is root canal treatment painful

In second sitting he will remove your temporary filling material and fill that Pit with a cement. This is not a regular cement. It is a specially designed cement for teeth . Only first sitting requires anaesthesia. Second third and fourth sitting don’t require that. So RCT treatment is completely painless.

It takes three to four hours to dry up and settle down the cement. So doctor will advise you not to take food to next four to five hours. And also advises you to take soft diet in dinner.

After 4 to 5 days , he again calls you for third sitting . Third sitting is for measurement of teeth cap. After measurement doctor will send it to the cap manufacturer. Asks you about the cap material? Ask you which type of cap you want to place.

As I already told you. There are two types of caps , first is ceramic and second is Steel cap . Ceramic cap is far better than Steel . It is durable and looks like normal teeth . So I recommend you to put only ceramic caps.

1 to 10 days required to manufacture your cap. If this cap is available, then doctor calls you for fourth sitting. In 4th sitting cap is permanently fixed over Cemented teeth. Doctor uses a special type of glue to stick the cap over the teeth permanently. You can take a soft diet after 1 hours.

Precautions after root canal treatment

After RTC procedure you should take some precautions for your longer life of teeth or cap. In RTC procedure all the nerve supply and blood supply of the teeth has been removed. So the teeth has no strength and power at all. There is a possibility of Broken teeth after eating harder food materials , like walnut, sugarcane, meat etc.

So you should not take sticky materials, that is chewing gum ,chikky etc. There is a possibility to come out the cap by sticking the sticky food materials. So always think in mind not to eat it harder and sticky foods for your longer and better teeth life.

Rct treatment procedure explained. Blood donation benefits. Stay fit stay healthy.

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