Normal delivery versus cesarean delivery

Normal delivery versus Cesarean delivery

Normal versus cesarean delivery – Now marriage season is on. After marriage what happens ,is pregnancy . After pregnancy what happens, is delivery. So many mothers are thinking about which kind of delivery is better for her. If she have to go with cesarean delivery or if she have to go with normal delivery.

Normal peoples also thinks like that. Now a days C section deliveries are increased compared to normal deliveries. So today I am going to give you the information about . When one should go with normal delivery or when one should go with cesarean delivery. What is the difference between normal delivery versus cesarean delivery. Both the pros and cons of both of them. So let’s start.

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Indication of c section delivery

Fetal distress – When there is a danger of life to a foetus in womb, this situation is called as fetal distress. It happens primary in 9th month of gestation. How mother can diagnose such a situation by herself? If she observes less fetal Movement in womb or no fetal movement, then she should consult a gynecologist.

He will perform sonography and observer fetal heart rate and fetal O2 level. If fetal oxygen level is decreased and heart rate is fluctuating so fast. That means very high to very low heart rate . This is an emergency situation, in which C-section delivery is must.

Oligohydramnios- This is a situation where amniotic fluid quantity is unmatched with gestation age. Amniotic fluid is a a kind of water present in uterus. Which is needed for the development of child.

Previous lscs – If mother has first lscs , then her next deliveries will be performed through lscs.

Malpresentation – normally head is protruding out through vagina. This is an ideal is ideal situation for normal delivery. But many times child gets rotated in uterus.

Child’s legs are facing , chest is facing or his back is facing vagina. IN all type of these situations normal delivery can’t be happen . So cesarean C section delivery is a must.

PID – pelvic inflammatory disease. It is the infection and inflammation of the uterus. The symptoms of PID are lower abdominal pain, fever and chills.

APH- antepartum haemorrhage. When delivery date is closer. some mothers gets bleeding episodes. If you consult to your Doctor, then he will give you the medicines . But in some cases bleeding can’t be stopped . In such situations lscs should be done in emergency.

Multiple pregnancy – If mother has previous 4 to 5 normal deliveries and she has conceived Fifth Child . Then this is indication.

Medical disorders – Some ladies gets hypertension during pregnancy. Some had diabetes , thyroid and epilepsy earlier. These are the chronic diseases , in which normal delivery is difficult.

In some cases mother I can’t start labour pain even after 9 month and 9 days. Some mothers are with very low height. That means very short stature. Some ladies have fibroid in their uterus. These are the some other causes of C section delivery.

Normal delivery

If there is no any kind of problem to a mother or a baby , then normal delivery must be performed. Naturally around less than 10% cases having the indications to lscs. Above 90% delivery should be normal.

When you observe your surroundings, you will find that more than 50% deliveries performed which are lscs. There is increase in the ratio of c-section over normal delivery. So there are two main reasons behind that .

First is money , some doctors I repeat only some doctors will forces patient to do lscs for earning money. And second reason is – now a days some ladies forces doctor to do her cesarean section. What she says to justify that, she can’t bear labour pain . She says Labour pains are very painful.

Normal delivery versus cesarean delivery

Then the final question arises which is best ? normal delivery or scissor delivery . Both are best , when done with proper indications only. In previous days death of mother or a child during pregnancy is much often than today’s. why because of lack of cesarean delivery. C-section delivery reduced mortality rate of mother and child in complicated deliveries.

C-section delivery is must in less than 10% cases which are critical. Normal delivery is best for pwhen Mother and baby both are healthy . Normal delivery should be first preference for every mother. If any doctor advices you for lscs , then you should consult 2-3 other doctors . when opinion of all doctors are same ,then go for lscs . Then you should go with C section delivery.

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