Weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercises

weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercises – obesity has become more worst day by day. Changing lifestyle, changing eating habits that are the main reasons behind that. School going children are most affected. You will see many obeys children’s around you.

People tries many options to get rid of this obesity. Some take home remedies, desi medicines. Some take allopathic or Ayurvedic medicines. While some do exercise like walking, running. And some people controls diet. Some people bring down their normal lunch or dinner to half.

For weight loss tips

You have to know which option is better for you. Which option gives you the most benefit, which one of above is useless. How much weight you can reduce in one month. How much time is needed to achieve satisfactory weight loss?

You are seeing many TV ads related to weight loss. There are many videos on YouTube. Many blogs or articles over weight loss medicines, home remedies machines etc.

Meanwhile sona belt had became more famous. Lot of people have been purchased the sona belt. They advertises in such a way that this belt will reduce your belly fat. Without any exercise or without any diet control.Many of the buyers of sona belt feeling cheated. Because not a single person has experienced weight loss.

How to reduce body heat

After a gap of every 15 to 12 days, there are new machines or remedy came in the market. They are claiming that this, remedy or machine will reduce your weight in no time. But I am telling you the truth. These claims are all frauds. They have the full proof plan to steal your money from your pocket. You don’t get any kind of benefit from these products. So be aware of from that claims.

With the help of running, you can lose 2 kg weight in a month. With the help of fast walking, you can lose 1 kg weight in a month. These exercises will definitely reduce your weight 5 to 10 kgs, in 4 to 6 months.

lose weight running

Remember one thing, that there is no any single remedy or medicine or a machine that can reduce your weight without exercise. Then one main question may arise in your mind. That what should we do to reduce our weight? Which are weight loss exercises?

The one and only effective remedy is running and fast walking. If your age is under 40 years, then you go for running. If your age is over 40 years, then you go for fast working.

45 minutes of running or fast walking is a guarantee of weight loss. Running and fast walking is the main stay for reducing weight. You can add , other medicines, home remedies, or diet control to exercise.

Ayurvedic or allopathic medicines will only help you in combination with exercise. Only exercise in solo, is capable to bring down your weight . But no other option ( medicine, machine) in solo can reduce your weight. Read more- jalneti

weight loss before and after

Some people choose the option to omit dinner or lunch. They eat only once a day. Some people bring down their dinner or lunch to half. I agrees, this will reduce your weight. But how long? You have to omit your dinner or lunch, as long as you desire to be slim.

I don’t recommend you to give up or lower eating food. Low Consumption of food leads to starvation. Starvation leads to decrease immunity, weakness and decrease health. With the help of strict diet control, you can achieve your weight loss but you lose your health.

final conclusion

The final conclusion is that, the only effective way for weight loss is fast walking and running. You can add medicines, home remedies or diet control to exercise to speed up weight loss.

All the claims which are telling you that. Our medicine or machine will reduce your weight without exercise, without sweating, without diet control. All these claims are false. They are making you fool. Don’t be fool.

All weight loss exercises explained. You will definitely observe difference between weight loss before and after. Stay fit stay healthy.

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