Coconut water benefits

coconut water benefits

Coconut water benefits – Coconut has a special space in our Hindu heart. There is a tradition in our India to donate coconuts to our God and goddess . But because of that, lot of coconut water has been wasted from many years . Coconut water should not be wasted . It is a Gods gift and a nectar to human being.

When we go to visit a patient for his well being. Many peoples Among Us , will prefer the coconut water . Doctors also advises us to give patient lots of coconut water . Because coconut water has many beneficial effects on human body.

So let’s see the Miracle benefits of coconut water . Why coconut water is so beneficial to us . What is coconut water good for? Is coconut water good for you? And the content of coconut water.

Is coconut water good for you

Coconut water is a rich source of potassium. Potassium is very important in diseases which lose potassium from body. Potassium is a electrolyte. So it’s reduce weakness and it helps body to regain strength and vitality.

Other electrolytes are also found. Which are sodium, magnesium, zinc. As you also know, in water depletion dehydration, along with water, electrolytes are much more important.

It has Vitamin B complex , vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E , vitamin K. And also contains iron and copper . iron is very important to to increase HB content and increase our RBC. This is helpful in anaemia.

What is coconut water good for

It cures disease faster – Many patient has the tendency to give up food. As they don’t willing to take food. They feel nauseating while seeing the food only . In this condition coconut water is a best alternative to food.

It has much more multivitamins, multiminerals and nutrients and carbohydrates. which is very much important for day to day life. coconut water is lighter to digestion.

Gross dehydration – if water level of body is low, then coconut water is best. IT increases water level in body . In loose motions , recurrent vomiting, giddiness. These are the signs of dehydration. In these conditions coconut water retains the water level and fulfill the requirements of electrolytes.

In liver cirrhosis – It has antioxidant properties. It helps to flush out toxic elements from body. Antioxidants are supposed to be protecting the liver. Patient who takes coconut water daily gets benefited . This can protect his liver and can live the longer life.

Dengue – Dengue patient feels lots of tiredness and decreased platelet count. Coconut water also increases platelet count in Dengue patients. It helps to relieve the fatigue and tiredness quickly . So I recommend to take one glass of coconut water daily. If you get gets diagnosed by dengue.

Weight loss – coconut water has some kind of Carbohydrates . but it has very low calories . So it helps to Slow Down hunger. Vitamins minerals and carbohydrate present in coconut water helps enrichment of the body. Taking one glass of water daily can lose one kg of weight per month.

All coconut water benefits explained. Blood donation benefits. Stay fit stay healthy.

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