How stop nose bleeding

How stop nose bleeding

How stop nose bleeding- Subject of today’s blog in epistaxis . What is epistaxis definition? Epistaxis means bleeding through nose. It can happen at any age but this is commonly seen in adolscent less than 20 years old.

So I am telling you the reasons of epistaxis. The diseases which results in bleeding through nose. Home remedies for nose bleeding frequently. Ayurvedic treatment for epistaxis and how stop nose bleeding.

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Nose bleeding causes

If patient has fever , and with fever he has bleeding through nose. Then first think of malaria and dengue. In this situation you have to test blood for dengue and malaria.

Hypertension- if anyone’s BP is Rises beyond 200/ 110. That means upper BP is Above 200 and lower BP is above 110. Then this should be brought down immediately.

Bleeding disorder – If patient has bleeding disorders. In this condition bleeding Can’t Stop when he gets any kind of injury. This happens because of lack of clotting factors. His body is unable to make clots resulting in continuous bleeding.

Doctor may advise you CBC complete blood count , BT bleeding time , CT clotting time , PT prothrombin time to diagnose this condition.

If anyone has blow on nose then bleeding starts. This specialy happens in small childrens . While playing games and cricket. They will often Falls and gets injury over the nose resulting in epistaxis.

In recurrent cough and cold , allergic rhinitis. Patient when clears the nose forcefully, sneezes and coughs forcefully. At that time many people’s experiences bleeding.

Idiopathic – in some adults and childrens up to 20 years old there is no such deformity found. Nose bleeding without any specific cause is called as idiopathic.

Home remedies for nose bleeding frequently

Take one teaspoon full of water. put A Pinch of sugar in it .mix it well. Take a dropper, take this sugar water in dropper . Put 5 to 10 drops in each nostrils. lie down for half an hour . Repeat this procedure again after half an hour.

If bleeding is profuse then pinch the nose tightly with two finger. Put the pressure on nose for 5 minutes at least. At that time breathe through mouth and the blood which came in the mouth spit it out.

Take a clean cotton cloth. Take two to three ice cubes in it . Foment with ice cube 4-5 minutes. It is most useful method to stop bleeding.

Treatment for epistaxis

Take Nageshwar Churna 50 mg + praval bhasma 250 mg + kamdudha rash 250 mg. Mix it well and take this mixture three times a day after meal. You have to take this for at least 3 consecutive days to take effect.

If you can’t observe any kind of relief with ayurvedic treatments or other home remedies. Then you have to consult ENT specialist. He can check your BP. If your BP risen above 200/110. Then he will give you the medicines and bring down the BP. He may ask for CBC BT CT and PT.

Precautions to stop nose bleeding

If you don’t have any kind of problem mentioned above. But epistaxis episodes are not stopping. Yhen you need not be worry. But you have to take some precautions forever in your life. As I already mentioned idiopathic conditions.

If you have allergic rhinitis , recurrent common cold, then you are not allowed to blow your nose forcefully . Don’t put any kind of object or your fingers in your nostrils. Some peoples has hobbies to put there fingers in their nostrils. It leads to bleeding.

Don’t take spicy , very hot and fried food . Don’t take very hot food. Also you have to stay far away from hot objects, like hot machineries, fire etc. You don’t allowed to stay in in sunlight for longer time, or work in sunlight.

How stop nose bleeding explained. Stay fit stay healthy. Coconut water benefits.

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