Tulsi drops benefits

Tulsi drops benefits

Tulsi drops benefits -Many of you have familiar with Tulsi drops. Most of us are using Tulsi drops for years. There are many Tulsi drops available in market of many companies. Patanjali Tulsi drops , Jolly Tulsi drop, Dabur Tulsi drops are the most famous.

Many MLM companies producers their own Tulsi drops . These are are IMC, RCM , vestige etc . Tulsi drops are beneficial to health , but these MLM companies users false marketing strategy to increase their sales.

So today we are seeing the benefits of Tulsi drops. The doses and finally the conclusion which Tulsi drop is best in market. and which one you should buy. Tulsi drops benefits and uses . Dabar tulsi drops benefits. let’s start.

Contents of Tulsi drops

First of all we see the content of Tulsi drops. there are 4- 5 types of Tulsi . This drop contains 5 Tulsi extract. which are they ? these are normal Tulsi, Ram Tulsi , black Tulsi .

Tulsi drop is the extract of all 4-5 Tulsi . this is a concentrate. So we have to take it in dilute with water dilution with water.

In Ayurveda Tulsi is called as rasayana. Rasayana means tonic. This has anti aging property , that means one can experience youthfulness with the regular use of Tulsi .

Tulsi has antioxidants , nutrients Vitamin C , vitamin A , essential oils.

Tulsi has antibacterial and antiviral properties . It eliminates toxins and waste material from our body . Love cooking – mutton kheema recipe

Tulsi has diuretic property . That means it increases urine production . It also has antiseptic property . So it will cure your injury in no time.

Tulsi drops Benefits । Dabur tulsi drops uses ।

The most famous benefit of Tulsi drop is for immunity . As you all know Tulsi drops are immunity booster . In market we have many of artificial immunity boosters. But Tulsi drops are most beneficial of all.

in today’s Corona epidemic everyone is advised to take Tulsi drops daily to increase our immunity and fight coranavirus.

As it has antibacterial and antiviral property, it reduces common cold and cough. It is also beneficial to heart patient . Because it eliminates toxins from our body. So all of the heart problems such as heart attack, high BP patient get benefit.

Diabetes – It increases insulin secretion . As you all know, insulin is essential to lower blood sugar level.

It keeps our kidney healthy . It has diuretic property, so it prevents kidney stone formation and flush out small formed kidney stones.

It lowers the Uric acid level and eliminates toxins. uric acid is a cause of gout and toxins causes rheumatoid arthritis. In both the conditions Tulsi helps in some extent.

In adolescence period, almost every boys and girls experience acne. The main cause of acne is lack of blood purification . Tulsi drops purifies the blood. Hence lowers the incidence of acne.

Doses of Tulsi drops

Two drops 2 times a day for childrens and 4 drops 2 times a day for adults. Take it in a glass of water. This is recommended dose , not more than that.

Many of Companies recommends to take Tulsi drop with Tea Milk or coffee . But I don’t recommend it. I only recommend Tulsi drop to be taken only with water.

Tea, milk and coffee reduces the efficacy of Tulsi drop . You have to take Tulsi drops regularly only with water.

Now the main question arises which brand Tulsi drops is most effective? and which brand we should buy ?

The straight answer of this question is the Dabur Tulsi drop and Jolly Tulsi drop are the best. They are value for money and most beneficial of all.

Tulsi drop of MLM companies, that means IMC, RCM, vestige are the costly ones . They are not value for money and they have less potency and effective than Darbar and Jolly. So I don’t recommend them.

tulsi drops benefits – patanjali tulsi drop uses explained in detail. Khana khate vakt pani piye ya nahi hindi.

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