Headache types and causes

Headache types and causes

Headache types and causes – headache is a very common symptom. Many of us experience this in our day to day life. This could be the sign of many minor diseases. ut some but illnesses produce headache.

There are much more diseases which produce the symptom of headache. So let’s discuss the causes of headache, types of headache. Also find out diseases and headache relationship. Which disease produce which headache?

On the duration and starting time of headache, there are two major types. First acute headache and second chronic headache.

Headache causes and types

1 – Acute headache – headache of recent origin , headache starts just before 2 to 3 hours. You don’t have this symptoms before but it start suddenly before sometime. This is called as acute headache.

Causes of acute headache are – viral fever, common cold, coughing, sneezing. All the above diseases produce headache as secondary sign. This will resolve in Consulting your family doctor. They will give you the treatment of respective disease and your headache will run away.

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If you don’t have chronic cold, rhinitis or fever. None of the above symptoms but having only headache, or in association with vomiting, neck stiffness, high BP or paralysis. Paralysis means weakness of one sided hand and/or leg.

For above symptoms you have to consult MD physician doctor. They will perform few tests like CT scan, MRI blood test etc. So that they diagnose your condition. There are some reasons behind that.

These are meningitis (brain fever) or brain haemorrhage , brain hemorrhage means bleeding inside the cranial cavity and brain tissue. These are life threatening conditions. You should be hospitalized immediately.

The third reason is glaucoma. Glaucoma is the disease of eye, in which pressure in the eyeball increases beyond the limit. The symptoms are red eye, headache, Eye Pain, headache of the side of affected eye. If these symptoms appear then you should consult to ophthalmologist.

Types of chronic headachee

Chronic headache – chronic headache have also two types chronic recurrent headache and second chronic persistent headache.

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2. chronic recurrent headache- Headache that comes and lasts for 2-5 days and goes away for 10 to 15 days. Recurrence is often in cyclical manner. over a period of 1 year or more this on and off cycle goes on. This is called as chronic recurrent headache.

There is only one major reason of chronic recurrent headache. That is migraine. The symptoms of migraine are severe headache last for 1 to 2 days. suddenly disappear and reappear after 15 days to 1 month and the cycle goes on.

3. Chronic persistent headache- If your headache lasts for longer than 1 month. And headache episodes are continuous. There should be severe pain or there should be mild pain. But there is no such a gap of a single day in between. This condition is called as chronic persistent headache.

causes of chronic persistent headache

There is some causes of chronic persistent headache.

A>First one is sinusitis. If you have allergic rhinitis, recurrent common cold and coughing. Then you may suffer from sinusitis.

Sinuses are the hello bony parts, surrounding the eye and nose, over forehead. Watery discharge of cold gets accumulated in the sinuses. This discharge gets infected and inflamed. So the headache will the continuous persistent headache.

The characteristic sign of Sinusitis are pain increased while waking up in morning and decreases as the day progresses. Tenderness over sinus area. Headache increases while bending forward and coughing.

B> Tension headache – This type of headache is commonest of all. In today’s world, some type of tension and anxiety is common. We all have tensions in our work, some have tension in their house , family problems etc. It leads to headache.

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Tension headache’s characteristic signs are, pain increased during evening and night. Patient asks relative to press the forehead. Patient may feel better on pressing forehead.

C > Eye strain headache – Persons who have their work over computer, they are staring at computer for longer time. The ladies and childrens who will watch TV serials and movies for hours, the women who have sieving machine. All are the causes of eye strain. It leads to eyestrain headache.

If you have headache while watching TV , while computer work or while reading books , then you should check your lens number. Prepare the glasses accordingly on consultation of opthalmologist.

Wear the glasses regularly, from morning to evening. This is the only way to relieve eye strain headache. This headache mostly found into small childrens kids or young adults.

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