Nail diseases

Nail diseases

Nail diseases – Generally we all don’t take proper care of our nails. We all should must take care of our nails. Healthy and unreformed nails are the signs of good health. Deformed and nail diseases are the first signs of many serious diseases.

One Disease specifies a characteristic deformity in nails. While other disease have another characteristic deformity. While understanding the different changes in your nails, you can diagnose your health problem by yourself. Here is nail disease chart.

We doctors also guess the disease according to the nail deformities. So let’s understand the connection of the diseases and the nail deformities and fingernail bumps.

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Nail disease chart

Inverted nails – if your nail looks like the mouth of the teaspoon. That means inversion of normal shape. This is the major sign of iron deficiency anaemia and malnutrition. In advanced state of of anaemia and prolonged long standing malnutrition are the reasons.

Waves like – If your nail looks like a single wave appears at the center of wave. Wave that appears in the ocean. That means a transverse line appears over the nail. Remaining nail plate is normal but a single wave appears. This transverse line grows along with Nails and disappears after few days.

This line appears after few week after recovering from major illness. Major illness like typhoid, malaria or any major operations.

Fingernail bumps

Clubbing of nails – Foremost part of the finger, that means surrounding area of nails gets inflated. Fingertips looks like inflated balloon. This is an emergency situation. You should consult to MD physician doctor as early as possible. These are the signs of chronic lung disease and severe heart disease.

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pale nails – Normal nail colour is pink. This colour turns pale or light pink. This is the earliest sign of anaemia. If your HB is below 10, then this sign starts appearing.

Whitish nails – If your whole nail or a part of a nail become whitish. White nails are sign of chronic renal failure or liver cirrhosis. Renal failure is a severe renal disease that accounts functional loss of renal cells. Liver cirrhosis is also malfunction of liver. Both are very serious diseases needs early physician consultation.

Nail deformities

Pitting nails – The pits are the sizes of the tip of the needle. One nail may have more than 20 – 30 pits. Pitting nails are the signs of allergy. Allergic rhinitis, allergic skin diseases, Rash. Psoriasis and Arthritis. Pitting nails are the early signs appears in Psoriasis and arthritis.

Yellow nails – If your nail colour turns yellow, then this is a sign of fungal infection of nails. Fungal infection of nails are chronic condition. This needs 6 months of continuous treatment.

Split nails- In this condition nails can get split into two to three segments. This is the sign of of progressive thyroid disease. You need to test your T3, T4 TSH level. It may be hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Blackline – Single black line appears at the centre of the nail. You must see your nearest surgeon. This could be a sign of Melanoma. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Then you should must be investigated properly to any nail diseases.

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So be aware and take care.

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