Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine – Russia have gave us the good news. Gamalia Institute of Russia have discovered the world’s first covid-19 vaccine. Wait has been ended. Here whole world is waiting to receive that vaccine. Any kind of covid-19 vaccine. This is here.

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Now we Indians are thinking that, when we receive the Russia’s vaccine. Now sissies vaccine is only available for their Frontline covid-19 workers. There is discussion is going on to produce Russia’s vaccine in India. If this deal gets finalized, we indians will receive the vaccine early.

Coronavirus vaccine

Considering the Welfare of our Indians, 4 vaccines are important to us. First one is Russia’s vaccine, second is Americans moderna vaccine. Third one is Oxford and serum Institute of India’s vaccine and fourth one is Bharat biotech covaxin.

Let’s find out which vaccine will first come to India. Which one firstly make available to our Indians for vaccination?

Let first discuss about Russia’s vaccine. Although they are started vaccination for their Frontline workers from 12 August. Russia announces that they have starting the normal vaccination of their peoples from October onwards.

The will give this to Russian people first . And the to other countries. They have started the mass production. But this will take a month or so. there is a discussion going on to produce this vaccine in India.

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Covid-19 vaccine stages

India will conduct Russia’s vaccine human trials in India. if all gets successful result, government will issue NOD to this vaccine. But this will take time. So there is no chance till December 2020 , no Indian will get that vaccine.

America’s moderna vaccine is, in its third stage of human trials. Like Russia vaccine, First American peoples will get benifit. And then they will supply to us.

If this vaccine gets from American government approval in September. Mass production of this vaccine also has not been started. So there is no chance to our Indians, to get this vaccine by January 2021.

Third one is Oxford and serum Institute vaccine. This vaccine is in its third stage of human trials. In India as scientist will give the Green Signal to this vaccine, then government will approve this vaccination schedule. But this will also take place in the month of December.

Sigh of relief for our Indians is, serum institute has already begun the mass production of this vaccine. They already have produced over millions of doses Till date.

IV vaccine is Bharat Biotechs covaccine. This is also in second stage of human trial in India. Then it will enter in its third stage of trial and then gets approval from Government of India.

But the mass production of this vaccine is not yet begun. Mass production means produce a billion of vaccine doses to fulfill the needs of 135 crore Indians.

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Which vaccine first to come in India

Then which vaccine is important to us? Which vaccine will come early to India? When it made available for Indians. Then Russia’s and America’s vaccine are not helpful in Indian point of view. Because they will not came early. Or if they do so, they have to face Indian stage 3 stage 2 stage 1 human trials. Then government will approve these vaccines.

The two vaccines are much more important to us. First is Oxford serum Institute vaccine. And second one is covaccine. Because their second and third stage of human trials are going on in India.

In both the vaccines serum Institute vaccine is more important to us. Because they have millions of vaccine doses already prepared. As soon as government will approve them. These doses will immediately released to vaccinate.

Bharat Biotech covaccine is equally important to us. But only drawback to that is, their mass production is not begun yet. It will delay a month or so from serum Institute vaccine. Let’s pray whichever the vaccine, but come early to save us.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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