High pillow side effect

High pillow side effects

High pillow side effects – We all have a common habit. This habit is taking pillow while sleeping. Softness of pillow increases length of the sleep. Increased softness increases comfortable sleep, many of us feel that.

Some people takes big pillow. While some people takes two to three pillows at a time. Unknowingly, it will be dangerous to their health. So today we will discuss about high pillow side effects and cervical pillow side effects.

Side effects of taking pillows

First side effect is lower back pain and pain in lumbar region. It happens because of bending of vertebral column. Taking pillow disturbs normal position of vertebral column. It causes pain in that region.

Second one is neck pain and shoulder pain. Pillow taking exaggerates the muscle sprain of neck muscles and Shoulder muscles. This leads to severe pain, constricted and Limited movement of neck and Shoulder.

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Third and the most serious side effect is cervical spondylosis. Cervical Spondylosis is the disease. Symptoms of the disease is tingling and numbness of one and are both the hands and fingers.

In the disease, neck vertebraes gets wear and tear. Disc space between two vertebraes are also reducer. It finally causes the compression of nerve root passing through that area. Finally tingling and numbness

Cervical high Pillow side effects

High position of neck during sleeping causes reduced blood supply to brain. IT results in disturbed sleep. One can’t get 7 hours of full sleep. Some patient will Get stain over brain. Anxiety, tension and depression are the other three mental disorders.

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If you are your face is towards the pillow. Then it reduces the blood supply to the facial skin. Wrinkles will appear early. Your face will prone to infection. Acne is the second disease faced by some youngsters.

final conclusion

If you are facing the above mentioned problems. Answer is whatever, yes or no. But you should not take pillows at any cost. Because it will anyhow harm your health.

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Stay fit stay healthy.

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