Triphala churna benefits

Triphala Churna benifits

Triphala Churna benifits – triphala is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine. Most of you have know this medicine. By searching this medicine you will get many articles but there is a lack of scientific knowledge about Triphala Churna.

Many articles are only on the benefits of Triphala Churna. But they don’t explain how to take this powder. They don’t explain the exact doses to each and every benefit. And the exact proportion of the three ingredients ingredients in Tripura.

Triphala ingredients

Triphala means three Ayurvedic ingredients. which are they ? Hirda (haritaki), behda(bibhitak) and Awlaki. Many Triphala powder brands containing 1:1:1 ratio. That means equal amount of these three ingredients . But this is wrong.

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Exact proportion in Triphala is one has to two has two three 1:2:2. That means hirda 1, behda 2, that is double of hirda and awla 3 that is triple of Hirada. That means if you want to prepare 60 gram of Triphala. Then you have to take 10 gram of hirda, 20 gram of behda and 30 gram awla.

Investigate proportion while taking any brand of Triphala Churna. Otherwise you can make this at your home. Buying separate Churna powder of these three ingredients and mix them in proportion of 1:2:3. Triphala Churna benifits will only happen with right proportion of their ingredients .

Scientific name of hirda is terminalia chebula. Scientific name of behda is terminalia bellerica. And scientific name of awla is phyllanthus emblica.

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Triphala Churna benefits

1 constipation – This is mostly known and mostly used benefit of the powder. Take half teaspoon full of Triphala powder, mix it in one glass of warm water. Mix well and drink it before sleeping. Take it for continuous 5 days. Increased the dose to one teaspoonful. If you don’t benefited by half.

Constipation comes in a cyclical manner. If after 15 days or after a month, you experiencing symptoms again. Then you should take the course for 5 days again.

2. Eye diseases – Triphala benefited most to eye patients. If you have diminished vision, cataract, night blindness. You are advised to take 1 teaspoonful of Triphala powder plus 2 teaspoonful of desi ghee (clarified butter) made up of cows milk + 1 teaspoonful of honey. Mix this well and take it everyday on empty stomach at morning.

3. Triphala possesses antiseptic properties. If you have wound, laceration or cut on anywhere of the body. Then make a kadha (kashay)of Triphala Churna and wash the wound two to three times a day. It will promote healing.

4. Increases immunity – Triphala filters out the toxins of our body via kidney. This will boost immunity.

5. Triphala promotes digestion and helps the digestive system a lot. Hyper acidity, indigestion, gas, these problems gets benefited by taking Triphala powder at night With warm water.

6. Massage the Triphala powder on gums and teeth daily. This will cure your mouth problems. Mouth ulcer gingivitis, bad odour in mouth, gum bleeding, toothache, etc.

Benifits of triphala powder

7. Jaundice – Take one small teaspoon full of Triphala powder, mix it with 3 teaspoonful of gomutra( Cow’s urine) or mix it with one teaspoon of honey. Mix it well and take every morning empty stomach. Take this for 1 and half month continuously. This will definitely cure hepatitis.

8. Take a glass of warm water, mix 1 teaspoonful of Triphala powder in it. And make a goggles everyday. This will relieve tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis dry coughing etc.

Singers get most benefit from these gargles. Triphala gargle make throat clean and make voice strong. Regular use increases voice quality.

9. Triphala aloe vera and honey , take this in same quantity. Mix it well. This is called as Rasayan in Ayurveda. By taking this mixture everyday, you will get healthy and longer life. It will increases the strength, increases sex power, increases mental power. It will Boost Your memories.

10. Headache and migraine- Take 20 gram each . Triphala powder , haldi turmeric, chirayta(Swertia) neem ki Chhal (azadirecta Indica) and aloe vera in same quantity. Mix this in half litre of water, boil it well. Remove when water remains 250 ml. Filter this mixture and store in a glass bottle.

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Take 10 ml daily, empty stomach at morning. It will definitely relieve your chronic headache and migraine.

11. Weight loss – Take one teaspoon full of Triphala powder, one teaspoonfull of honey, mix it in one glass of warm water. Take it daily empty stomach for at least 6 month.

Half kg to 1 kg weight will definitely get reduced, per month on taking this remedy. These are the triphala Churna benifits for us.

Stay fit stay healthy.

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