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Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) – Also known as digital eye strain. From the beginning of 20th century, Computer has become the most important part of our life. Computer made our life so easy. Offices are full of computers today.

The peoples who have office work. Whose work is going on computer. They are staring at computer screen whole day without blinking the eyes.

Some kids are additive to mobile. They spend their time playing games or watching videos on mobile. Some ladies and gents are sticking to there TV to watch movies and their serials for hours.

All the above symptoms causes new disease, called computer vision syndrome or Digital eye strain. So let’s discuss the causes and symptoms of computer vision syndrome and treatment of CVS.

causes of computer vision syndrome(CVS)

When we are staring at computer screen, or mobile screen for a longer time. Then we forgot to blink our eyes. Blinking of eye moisturizes eyes.

If you don’t blink Eyes for longer time or their frequency reduced. Then our eyes become dry. Dry eye are the main reason of digital eye strain(CVS).

Watching TV or computer in a dark room with increase screen brightness, sitting very close to PC or TV,. Looking at TV or computer screen that reflects the light. That means sunlight, tube light etc. These are some causes ok CVS.

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Symptoms of computer vision syndrome

Eye feel strained. Blurry vision, giddiness, Vertigo, double vision, dry eyes, itching in eye. Recurrent chronic headache, neck and shoulder pain these are some common symptoms of digital eye strain. If you experience these symptoms then you should visit to your opthalmologist.

Tips to prevent digital eye strain (CVS)

Don’t stare at your computer or TV screen for longer time. Those peoples who have their office work. They have to do their work on computer screen for longer time.

But the peoples that means, childrens and ladies. They can control their watching TV habit or mobile addiction. That is playing games, or spending time on social media. read more- side effects of self medication

Don’t see computer screen or TV in dark room. Keep the brightness as low as possible. Turn the blue light filter on for mobiles.

For office workers. They can adjust the font size according to their convenience. They should follow the 20-20-20 rule.

What is this rule of 20-20-20?After 20 minutes work, take a gap for 20 seconds. Look at the longer object. look outside the windows, that means at least 20 feet distance object from you.

If this is not possible. Then after every 20 minutes, take a break of 2 minute close your eyes and relax.

If your computer screen reflect the light coming from Windows or tubelight. Then turn the screen to other side.

If AC is facing to you. That mean AC’s cold air is blowing constantly to your face. Then sit away from AC. Because AC dries your eyes.

Screen and your eyes distance should be at least 2 metre or more. The screen level should be shorter than your eye level.

Blink your eye repeatedly. Don’t forget to blink eye at least 12 times in one minute. Read more- hantavirus

Treatment of computer vision syndrome

There are many more artificial Tear Drops. That is a moisturizing drops. Content is carboxymethyl cellulose. Take one of them. Put a single drop at a time in both the eyes 4 times a day.

Make a glasses of plus one or plus 1.5 power. Wear this glasses continuously. This will relieve your eye strain.

If the above measures fails, then you should consult to your thermologist first.

Stay fit stay healthy.

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