Beer benefits

Beer benefits

Beer benefits – Western countries consumes lots of beer. Some peoples are addictive. While some peoples drink beer to get rid of cold whether. people loves to take beer.

Beer is third most favourite drink in the world. First is tea and second is coffee. Almost all the countries consumes beer. Amount is variable but beer is found all over the world.

Here I will make clear that, I am not supporting beer or not encouraging you to take beer. This blog is only for informative purposes.

how beer is prepared?

Beer is prepared from Barley ,east and water. Barley Gates fermented due to East in Association with water. It hasleast alcohol content. It has around 5% of alcohol content.

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Benefits of beer

Beer has proteins, antioxidants, fibres Vitamins, B complex and Minerals in profuse quantity. This is the main reasons behind its benefits for humans.

1 – good for heart – Beer increases good cholesterol level and decreases bad cholesterol level. Good cholesterol means high density cholesterol and bad cholesterol means low density cholesterol. This minimises the coronary heart disease, ischemic heart disease and heart attack. It minimises clot formation.

2. Relieves constipation – It has a lot of fibre content. Fibre is essential for irregular bowel movements. Beer cures your constipation to some extent.

3. Cancer – It has xanthohumols and polyphenols as its ingredients. They are anti cancerous agents. So beer is supposed to be e benefited for cancer patients.

4. Type 2 diabetes – It helps to secrete insulin from islets of langerhans cells from pancreas. This increased insulin level, and brought down blood sugar levels.

Benifits of beer

5. Kidney stones – It possesses diuretic property. Diuretic means it increases urine outflow. So minor kidney stones gets flushed out with urine. Beer arrests the formation of kidney stones further.

6. Streanthens bones- It has Silicon, calcium, zinc, minerals in heavy quantity. These are the constituents required for bone formation. So it helps to strengthen bones.

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7. Long hairs -beer has good protein content. Hairs are made up of protein. It helps hair to become long and strong. You can wash your hairs with beer, it increases Shine.

8. It maintains weight- It helps to maintain weight by reducing the obese patients weight and put on weight in thin patient.

9. Anaemia – Beer has considerable amount of B12, Vitamin B complex and Folic acid. This will cure anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia, and increases HB.

10. Increase immunity- It has antioxidant properties and antioxidants. This helps to increase your immunity to fight the diseases.

Here are all the benefits of beer. But remember one thing, you will get all the above benefits only when you drink beer in Limited quantity. If you exceed the limit, then bear is only and only harmful to your health.

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Doses of beer

For western countries which have cold climate, they are recommended not to exceed 350 ml of beer a day. And for Indians and hot climate . They are advised to take bear Maximum 2 times in a week.

Stay fit stay healthy .

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