Almond with milk benefits

Almond with milk benefits

Almond with milk benefits – Now a days the ad is heavily running on TV. Which is the ad? the ad is about almond benefits. In this ad the advertiser want to say that almond is very beneficial to health and everybody must take almonds daily.

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Almond nutrients

Yes this is right . Almonds are very beneficial to health. We doctors also advises patient to eat Almonds daily . Almonds are enriched with proteins and multivitamins and multi minerals. Especially protein, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Almonds are not only beneficial to health but also cures three important diseases of human. What are they ? To get most of the benefits of almond; you have to know the right way to take almonds. Because 99% of patients don’t know the right way to eat Almonds.

So today we are telling you almond with milk benefits , almond uses , three diseases which are covered completely with almond and right way to take almond .almond nutrients. So let’s start.

How to eat almonds । right way to take almond ।

Let’s know the right way to eat almond. In which quantity we have to take almonds. We may take maximum 10 Almonds daily but 4 Almonds daily is the right choice.

Almond may increases acidity in some patients. To avoid that take almonds with lunch or biscuit . Soak 4 almonds in water keep it for overnight. In next morning remove the covering of almond.

Covering of almond contains tannin. Tannin is a substance increases acidity, produces indigestion . Because of that it prevents absorption of many nutrients. So I advise to remove the covering . You may take almonds as whole but removed covering Almonds are most benefited to health.

Almond with milk benefits

Almonds are most benefited to Eyes. Because it contains vitamin C and Vitamin E. It cures eye diseases . These are itching, lacrimation pricking sensation in Eyes. All main gate relieved.

If you have lenses and vision problem then almonds may remove your spectacles foreverly. For that purpose you have to take almonds as mentioned earlier.

If you have long standing weakness and severe fatigue. Which is not cured after Consulting many physicians. Then you have to take 4 Almonds daily.

Almond contains multivitamins multiminerals. This is sufficient for daily multi vitamin and energy requirement. That will cure your weakness and fatigue permanently.

Almond contains calcium and protein , magnesium. These are the raw materials needed for building blocks of of bones and teeth. All the diseases produced by calcium and magnesium deficiency are benefited by almond.

These are fractures, osteoporosis backake neck pain , knee joint pain are also benefited. Read more- arogyavardhini vati uses.

Almond with milk benefits and almond nutrients explained in detail. Thank you 🙏🙏.

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