Chikungunya virus

Chikungunya virus

Chikungunya virus – today we are discussing about the disease occurs due to mosquito bite. Till today we have seen three diseases which are caused by mosquito bite. Which are they ? these are Malaria dengue and zika virus fever.

So today I am telling you the forth disease which is Chikungunya fever. In India Chikungunya has the second highest number of patients of mosquito borne diseases. In first number there is a dengue.

Chikungunya is the only disease which have side effects lasting for lifetime . That means if you suffered from Chikungunya you are joint pain and swelling lasts till your death.

Chikungunya fever

Chikungunya is a viral disease that means it is caused by a virus. The name of this virus is Chikungunya virus. This is mostly found in Asia, Africa and Indian subcontinent. In colder climate , quantity is milder.

Chikungunya comes in epidemic. Most of the Chikungunya patient found in winter season.

chikungunya causes

This is the mosquito borne disease. The mosquitoes which are responsible for transfer of Chikungunya are edes egypty and Aedes albopictus.

These mosquitoes bites mainly at morning and evening. When virus enters in your body it takes three to seven days to produce some symptoms .

Symptoms for chikungunya

The main symptoms of Chikungunya are high grade fever joint pain and swelling and rashes.

Fever is high-grade that means 102 to 104 degree fahrenheit. After 3 to 4 days of continuous fever there occurs a red rash. Rash mainly occurs at hands and feet.

Joint pain is the Diagnostic symptom. Joint pain and multiple joint pain and swelling occurs.

Other symptoms are headache , body ache ; weakness abdominal pain and nausea vomiting. Nausea ; gases production and conjunctivitis . Conjunctivitis means Red Eye, lacrimation, foreign body sensation in Eyes.

Many of our symptoms are similar to that of dengue and malaria. So the question comes in many mind that how can we diagnose Chikungunya from other diseases?

Chikungunya has high grade continuous fever. It is not interrupting and not came at specific time. Not for an alternate day or as such .

Joint pain is severe, joint swelling is also present . Rash in hands and feet. These symptoms differentiate Chikungunya from other diseases.

Joint pain is the most prominent symptom. Majority of people experience joint pain two years after complete recovery and some patient experience this for life long.

Blood test for chikungunya virus

For the diagnosis there is a blood test called Chikungunya IGM test. In this + blood test the antibodies produced against Chikungunya virus is detected in the blood .

Chikungunya virus infection treatment

Chikungunya has no specific treatment and there is no specific antiviral drug also. There is no approved vaccine till date.

Treatment of Chikungunya is strict bed rest, plenty of liquid diet. Paracetamol for fever and pain Killers. That means the only available treatment is symptomatic.

Prevention from chikungunya fever

As there is no specific treatment or vaccine available the prevention from the disease is very important. As you all know, that this is mosquito borne disease.

Then killing mosquitoes and destroying the breeding site of mosquitoes are very important.

Do not allow water to accumulate surrounding your home. Keep your surrounding area neat and clean. Mosquito repellent creams, coils liquidators , First Card , odomos, bat. Use these weapons against mosquitoes.

Apply the mesh to all your Windows and doors . Or close the doors and windows at morning and evening . That we can prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

Use full sleeves shirt and clothes when going out word. Prevention is better than cure. Read more- almond benefits.

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