Pimples with pus

Pimples with pus

Pimples with pus – Today we are discussing about pimples. The scientific name of pimples is acne. Almost all girls and boys have to suffer from acne. Adolescence boys and girls are the prime victims.

Some peoples gets affected badly. They experience worst acne. While some experience simple form. So today we are giving you the full ABCD of acne.

The causes of acne, common affected sites, symptoms of pimples. allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment and tips to prevent future acne and precautions. Pimples with pus- pimples types-pimple causes . Let’s start.

Acne is a kind of pustules. A single pustule or a group of pustules. The common site is face , cheeks, forehead. But the other affected sites are chest, neck , back and Shoulders.

Pimples with pus Causes । acne causes ।

Acne is a kind of hair follicle infection , that means infection of hair root. Some peoples have oily skin, oil covers and occupies the opening of skin; soil, dirt having additive effect. Oil , soil, dirt occludes the hair follicles and totally blocks the root.

This root gets secondary infection. firstly it erupts as papules and then to pustules . It spreads and increase in their numbers. Redness , swelling ; tenderness pain on touch and pus pockets are the symptoms of pimple.

Pimples affects mostly and badly to teenagers and young adults. That means from 13 years to 20 years is the main period of acne. From 20 years to 35 years it can be seen in some individuals.

Hormonal imbalance is the main reason in teenagers. In adolescence , sex hormones starts secreting. This imbalance of sex hormones is the main cause. Some peoples have oily skin, dirt , soil are the secondary causes . Tension plays the main role, family problems, work tensions etc.

Allopathic treatment of pimples

Persol AC gel 2.5 – content is benzoyl peroxide. Apply this gel to acne and surrounding acne prone skin. leave it for half an hour. Apply only at morning then rinse it out.

Acnestar cream – the content is clindamycin + niacin . Apply acnestar cream to the whole acne prone area at night while going to sleep. leave this cream for whole night and rinse this cream tomorrow morning.

Apply persol AC gel at morning and print acnestar cream at night complete the course for 2 month I am telling you the capsule which you have to take for continuous one month

Capsule doxy 100 – content is doxycycline. Take one capsule daily after meal for one month . Do not forget to take antacid capsule before taking this.

Allopathic medicines have many Side Effects. So don’t take allopathic medicines without consulting your family doctor.

Ayurvedic treatment for pimples । for acne home remedies ।

5 to 10 leaves of neem – ( Azadirecta Indica ) make a paste of it . After grinding, add 1 teaspoon full of rose water to it. Make the paste consistent. Apply the paste to all acne prone skin. leave it for half an hour and wash out.

Amla juice ( gooseberry juice l you can buy gooseberry crush from market. Take 1 glass of water , add 2 teaspoonful of Berry Crush to it. add one teaspoonful of sugar ,mix the mixture well and drink it at morning.

Cake kutki ( picrorhiza kurroa) guduchi ( tinospora cordifolia ) Shatavari ( asparagus racemosus ) 3 ingredients in equal amount. Make the paste of it , churn that is powder of it. Store in a glass bottle. Take half teaspoon full of this ayurvedic remedy, mix in one glass of water and take after lunch.

Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any side effects. So you can take this ayurvedic medicines without hesitation . Complete the course of all the three Ayurvedic remedies. You will definitely feel better.

Precautions to prevent pimples

To completely get rid of pimples, you have to make your face very clean throughout the day. To do that wash your face after every one and half to two hours interval. always use cold water to wash your face.

Medimix and dove are the two effective soaps for washing face . Don’t use any other soap, but also you can use any herbal face wash. Head lice treatment.

You have to to keep two handkerchief with you . One only for your face and second for other body parts. Don’t use only one handkerchief because it lead to spread of acne to other sites.

Do not touch pimples repeatedly . It is very infectious. So it can spread from your fingers to other sites. Do not rupture acne It may leave a bad scar. Scar may disappear after very long time.

Pimples with pus and for acne home remedies explained in detail.

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