Protein for vegetarian

Protein for vegetarian

Protein for vegetarian – protein is very essential for bodybuilders. But that’s not mean, common person don’t need protein. Common people also need protein according to their body weight.

How much protein is needed for daily work for humans? 1 gram protein is needed for 1 kg body weight. That means if your body weight is 50 kg then your daily protein requirement is 50 gram.

If your weight is hundred kg then daily protein requirement is 100 gram . Also if your weight is 10 kg then daily requirement is 10 gram. Read this post in hindi.

Non vegetarians can achieve their daily protein requirement easily. Because meat, chicken, eggs or any other nonveges contains sufficient amount of protein. The problem comes for pure vegetarians.

Because vegetables are contains less amount of protein. Vegetarians don’t know what to eat for getting protein. So let’s know the five content that are rich in protein for vegetarian. High protein vegetarian foods list. How to vegans get protein.

Protein for vegetarian । high in protein vegan foods ।

Soybean and nutrela soya chunks – soyabean is a Bean found in Indian continents. In season You can make sabji of soybean. In off season for whole year , make Soybean futane ( roasted soybean) and store in your house.

You can buy roasted soybean from market . This can be preserved for many days. Make a habit of eating such soya Bean 50 gram a morning daily.

Soya chunks are the small balls made from Soybean. They are easily available in the market. The packets came of hundred gram – 50 gram . Make a sabji of nutrela every after 4 to 5 days.

Tofu – tofu is artificially repaired substance. It is prepared from soya milk. Its looks like paneer. It came into 200-500 gram of packets. It is prepared like paneer. You can make Tofu dish or Tofu gravy of that.

Legumes and lentils – there are many legumes found in our home. legumes lentils are rich source of protein. Every legume has different protein content of it.

You can eat any of these legumes. But remember one thing, when you prepair dal , then make it thick, that means more of dal content and less water content.

Kabuli Chana( chickpea ) – chickpea is a part of legumes. This contents multivitamins, multiminerals along with protein content. In India Kabuli chana is taken with a rice. One dish is very famous, which is chole bhature.

Greenpeace (Hari matar ) – you cannot neglect the power of green peace in relation with protein. It has sufficient amount of protein content. Inn rainy season we can make the sabji of green pea.

For whole year , there is stored green peas are available. Green peas are stored in minus degree Celsius and available for whole year. Dried green peas are available in off seasons.

Protein for vegetarian and high in protein vegan foods explained . Read more hyperhidrosis.

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