Food menu for 1 year old baby

Food menu for 1 year old baby

Food menu for 1 year old baby. In previous article I have given you the thorough knowledge of meal plan for birth to 6 month babies. Now I am telling you what to give your child from 6 month of age to 1 year and after one year . What to give and how to increase .

Food menu for 1 year old baby. Meal plan for 10 month old baby . I will give you the step by step knowledge so let’s start. Read this post in hindi.

There are majority of three parts. That means 7 month to 10 month of age, this is the first part. Second part is of 11th and 12th month. Third part is one year and one year and above.

Meal plan for 10 month old baby

First see the diet plan for 7 to 10 month. Now we can start soft diet and also Semi solid diet . There is one important thing to remember ; which is you have to feed at least 4 times a day to your baby. Make small feeds recurrently.

You may give one fruit daily. You may try papaya, Chikoo , Apple mangoes . Firstly smash the fruit well , then mix some milk in it and then give it to your baby.

The second thing is rice and dal mixture. Take three parts of rice and one part of moong dal ( vigna radiata) . That means if you take 3 teaspoonful of rice then you have to take one teaspoonful of mung Daal (vigna radiata ).

Cook this mixture well, smash it by your hands still it made soft. Add salt to taste and poor half teaspoon full of ghee butter in it. Increase the quantity according to your child’s hunger gradually.

Market has so many commercially prepared food product for baby. Cerelac stage 2 is one of that. You can also use it. Cooks ceralac stage 2 well. Make it soft and then feed your baby.

Food menu for 11 and 12 month old baby

Let’s see the diet plan for 11 and 12 month baby. Now you can start solid diet. As I already stated; the rice – moong dal mixture. Now you can start this mixture as it is.

That means there is no need of smashing the mixture and diluting with milk . Because now the teeth is erupting. So there is no problem to a child for chewing.

The second home remedy is multigrain mixture. For making this mixture ; you have to take rice, wheat , bajara , maize . Take every grain in equal amount . That means 1 tsf each.

Grind it well. Cook the Powder well of this mixture. Add salt to taste and half teaspoonful of butter in it. Then feed your baby. Green chilli benefits .

Now you can start rava, poha, Upma, idli. All the breakfast items in your country should be started . A fruit in a day is preferred. Orange sweet lime , banana apple . Give one of the fruit daily.

Food menu for 1 year old baby

After one year what should we give to our child ? After 1 year , child can eat what their parents eat. That means regular diet plan of an adult is suitable. After 1 year ; roti, sabji , Dal, gravy chicken , mutton, eggs everything will be started . Start regular meal.

One point is noted that eggs should not be started before 1 year. Some families give eggs before one year. This is not recommended.

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