Benefits of green chilli

10 unbelievable Benefits of green chilli

Benefits of green chilli – green chillies are very much hot and spicy. We all get tears in our eyes only by hearing the noun of green chillies . Some people eat green chillies as it is. But this is very risky . 99.9% patient don’t try for it.

Green chilli has most benefit to our health. We can’t eat green chillies raw. But we can eat green chillies in the form of green chilli Smash, green chilli base. The most famous route is green chilli pickle and we can add green chillies in our day to day food.

Content of green chilli

It has Vitamin B6, Vitamin C , vitamin A , iron, calcium , potassium as its content. Read this post in hindi.

green chilli benefits । benefits of green chilli ।

Vitamin C has beneficiary effect on skin. Vitamin C makes skin healthy and glowing. It has most benefits to facial skin.

Second benefit of Vitamin C is for eyes. Any of the eye diseases like itching in the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, tears and any kind of refractive errors gets cured.

Green chilli makes digestive system prompt and healthy. It increases saliva production and production of digestive enzymes. So anyone can get power to digest anything. It helps to make digestive system strong.

Weight loss – green chilli is the only vegetable that has zero calories . It help to liquefy the fat content in the body. It flushes out the fat through urine. All of above Encounters to fat loss.

Diabetes as I already stated green chilli has zero calories. So it doesn’t makes blood sugar high. On other side , it brings down the blood Glucose level to normal.

Green Chili has a special content named capsichin. Capsicin is number one painkiller medicine. Capsicin is main content of many well known pain killer ointments.

Both types of pain ; chronic and acute gets relieved. Pain like knee joint pain, back ache, shoulder pain etc. can get relieved by eating green chillies within half an hour.

Eating green chillies in the form of 2-3 pickle pieces or half teaspoon full of green chilli smash does the work.

Green chilli helps in bring down the fever. Capsaicin is antipyretic in common cold, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis . It has the property to liquefy the sticky cough from chest, nose and sinuses. It squeezes out our Belgaum.

Green chilli help in relieving stress in todays stressful life . Green chilli has a content named endotropins. Endotropins are known for their mood elevator effects.

In today’s stress full life, it has very positive effect on our health. Because it makes you happy and tension free all the time.

It also has iron content . Do it help in curing all the types of anaemia and low HB.

It also benefited to heart patient. Heart diseases like IHD ischemic heart diseases, hypertension and heart attack.

How does it works? The method is, it bring down the cholesterol levels and prevent platelet aggregation. Resulting in no clot formation.

Benefits of green chilli and green chilli benefits explained. Thank you 🙏🙏. Black spots on skin.

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