Vaccine types

Vaccine types

Vaccine types – What is the today’s tender trending topic? No not today’s this is the trending topic from one and half year. Which is a vaccine. Everybody asking about covid-19 vaccines. Everybody wants to get this as early as possible.

Covishield, covaccine, modern , Pfizer, Sputnik are known vaccines. But have you known that the vaccine types ? which type of vaccines are ? How they are prepared? so today I am telling you the same. So let’s start.

types of vaccine

There are 5 types of vaccines. There was primarily of four type of vaccine . But one more type is included in recent years. Read this post in hindi.

Vaccine types

Live attenuated vaccine – In this vaccine type, the bacteria and viruses which causes the disease are used . They are live in the vaccine . The capability of producing the disease are totally removed.

That means virus or bacteria entering through vaccine in human body don’t cause a disease . But the body prepares the antibody against such viruses and our body gets immunity.

OPV oral polio vaccine which is against polio and BCG vaccine is against TB tuberculosis is based on this theory.

killed or inactivated vaccine in this type of

In this type of vaccines viruses are in activated and bacterias where killed . Inactivated viruses and killed bacterias are inserted in human body. So they are unable to produce any kind of disease. Bharat Biotechs covaccine is based on this theory.

Toxoid vaccine – some bacterias and viruses don’t produce any disease as its own. They produce toxins. That are toxic to human body and the toxins are responsible for the diseases.

In such condition toxins are inactivated and vaccines are made. The inactivated form of toxin is called as toxoid. So this type of vaccines are called as toxoid vaccine.

Immunity against this diseases are acquired. TT vaccine , the vaccine against tetanus is included in this form.

Subunit and conjugate vaccine – In this type of vaccine, no live virus or killed virus is inserted in human body. Instead of that some parts and pieces of virus and bacteria are used to produce this vaccines.

Specially spike protein is used for that purpose. Spike protein is a protein situated in the bacterial or virus viral cell wall. And body produces antibodies against spike protein. Oxford universities covishield vaccine is based on his theory.

mRNA vaccine- MRNA means messenger RNA. This is the most advanced technique and most effective of all. As you all know, viruses needs RNA for their replication and producing millions of their virus copies .

messenger RNA is a peace of RNA . This is a fragment of RNA . That is used in vaccine. Immunity produced by such type is very strong and last long for many years. America’s moderna; Pfizer vaccines are based on this theory.

Vaccine types explained. How gout is diagnosed?

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