Side effects for paracetamol

Side effects for paracetamol- Dolo 650 tablet is is the most famous one. Most of you have known this tablet or you have taken it. In today’s Corona epidemic, this tablet is becoming very popular. Most patients self medicate themself.

Self medication means taking the over-the-counter medicines without doctors advice . In covid-19 epidemic the Dolo 650 sales increased by 10 times. Read this post in hindi.

Self medication is dangerous to human health. Especially taking Dolo 650 tablet. Taking Dolo 650 without doctors device , can take your life away. Why I am telling such a think ? Let’s find out.

Today we are discussing about Dolo 650 uses . The doses of and side effects of Dolo 650. Side effects for paracetamol. Paracetamol uses and doses.The disease in which Dolo 650 used so let’s start.

Content of Dolo 650

Let’s see the content of Dolo 650 tablet. There is a Paracetamol as its content. Paracetamol is also called as acetaminophen. It has antipyretic and analgesic property.

Antipyretic means it bring down fever . Analgesic means it is a mild to moderate pain killer. Headache, body ache , back ache, neck pain and other types of mild pains get relieved by this tablet.

Doses of paracetamol

The adult dose is 325 mg to 500 mg twice a day after meal. For a child weighing 10 kg, there is 125 mg to 165 mg twice a day . This is a standard recommended dose for adults and children. Taking high dose of Paracetamol is hepatotoxic.

Dolo 650 side effects। Side effects for paracetamol

Acidity , vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice hepatitis, loss of appetite are the the side effects. But the main and the important side effect is paracetamol is hepatotoxic. Overdose of Paracetamol is liver toxic. It leads to hepatitis inflammation of liver . Finally it may become the cause of liver failure.

So the final point is, why I am telling such a bad thing, that Dolo 650 tablet can steel your life away. Before 2 to 3 years , Paracetamol is comes in a power of 500 and 650 mg. The brand names are Crocin 500 , Dolo 500, Dolo 650 mg.

Scientist have made a research for long time , discovering the overdose effect of Paracetamol in human body. And they find that high doses of Paracetamol may leads to liver failure. You all know liver Failure is the main cause of death.

So the government has decided not to add more than 325 MG Paracetamol in combination drug or not to add more than 500 mg in Solar formulation of Paracetamol.

Some companies are still selling the 650 mg Paracetamol and Dolo 650 mg is bestseller of all. Taking heavy dose of such Paracetamol for longer time may leads to liver failure and it will become a cause of death. So stay away from such a high dose paracetamol tablets.

Side effects for paracetamol explained. High pillow side effects.

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