Brain development for children

5 food for Brain development for children

Brain development for children – We are very cautious about our child and their future. Every mummy and dady wants their child to be Topper in their class. Why not they are always right.

Some parents wants their children to be a doctor or engineer for class 1 or class 2 officer. They put lots of effort to make their child clever and brilliant. This is only possible if kid’s brain development is good and up to date.

For brain development – some mother gives a Bournvita, some mother gives complaint with a glass of milk. But all these are artificial products, artificial product are less beneficial to human.

If you want to be your child a clever and his brain development should be good. Then you have to rely on natural products. Read this post in hindi

So today I am telling you the five foods for your and your child brain development. If you include these five products in your children’s day today diet plan. Then your children definitely become clever, smart and this will increase his IQ.

Brain development for children । food for brain development of child।

Egg – egg is a very important food for physical and mental development of your child. Make a habit fo your child , include one egg daily in your diet chart. One boiled egg , preferably on desi hen. Egg has protein and choline as its content. Choline is most important for brain cell development.

Fish – you have heard that, oils are bad for health. But there is a good oul that is best in every field. This is fish oil . Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids.

This helps in brain development. Omega 3 fatty acids are building blocks of brain cells. That means this is a raw material of brain.

You found Omega 3 fatty acids in many well known multivitamin brands. Instead of eating such medicines, give fish once in a week to your child. Make a habit of that. If child resist then force him to take fish. Any kind of the fish.

Oats – oats are rich in high fibre content, Vitamin E , Vitamin B complex and Zinc. Oats is a healthy breakfast . Oats can fulfill your childs hunger. Along with that , helps their brain developing and makes them prompt.

Milk and Milk products – milk yogurt, cheese and buttermilk , you can at least give one glass of milk everyday. Make a habit of taking milk products in routine diet. Children eating mud treatment

It has milk proteins , enzymes and calcium in in heavy quantity. it helps in neurotransmission and growth of brain tissues. Neurotransmission means transferring signals from brain to other body parts.

Colourful vegetables salads – cooking of vegetables destroys majority of nutrients. There is nothing healthy more than eating raw vegetables and salad . I admire that we can’t take all vegetables as RAW. But we can eat some raw vegetables.

Wich are they ? sweet potatoes, pumpkin carrots , spinnac, beat , cucumber, tomato. Make small pieces of vegetables and take it daily. These vegetables have a highly prestigious antioxidants. Antioxidants are flushes out toxins out of body. They protect brain tissue from damage.

Brain development for children and brain development of child explained. Thank you🙏🙏

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