Pica in children

Pica in children

Pica in children – Many parents visiting our clinic. Most of them having fear about their children. Parents having the same complaint that their childrens are eating soil, pencil, colour, plaster etc.

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They have taken many medicines and consulted many doctors, but they don’t get satisfactory result. So they demanding us the permanent solution over pica in children. Pica is the scientific name of children’s eating anything.

Pica is very annoying condition and may become troublesome. Children may suffer from abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation, worm infestation because of eating soil, mud, pencil etc. So let’s see the permanent solution of pica.

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Causes of pica in children

This disease is mostly found in low socioeconomic group. Because poor peoples don’t have enough groceries and food materials. So the children’s become malnourished.

This found in n higher socioeconomic class also. The families which are experiencing recurrent fights, husband and wife quarrels are resulting in depression of children. So they tends to eat mud.

In science worm infection, calcium deficiency and iron deficiency are three major causes of Pica.

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Prevention from eating mud

Stay attention to children’s nourishment. Give them plenty of green leafy vegetables, meat, chicken, Soybean. Give them a fruit daily. You can give them half boiled egg daily. It will fulfill their daily calorie and vitamin needs.

Childrens are much hungry of love. Payy attention to them, play with them, spend quality time with them. Give lots of love to them.

Don’t fight at home, especially in front of children. Pay attention for peace in house.

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Pica treatment

As we earlier stated, worm infection, calcium deficiency and iron deficiency are three main causes. We are giving at least two months of course of Calcium and Iron supplements.

Syp. Bendex plus 5 ml hs every night for 2days syp.ostocalcium 5ml od after meal every morning syp. Tonoferon 5ml hs after meal every night. calcium and iron supplement should be given for minimum two months.

if you complete this course and follow do’s and don’ts, then your child will definitely free Of pika. I will give you the guarantee that he/she won’t eat mud, pencil, colour etc.

Stay fit stay healthy .

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