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Over counter medicine – more than half of the population of the world are sitting in the home because of lockdown. Much more countries are extended their lockdown.

In India also, lockdown is extended to 31th May. lockdown has greater effect to control the epidemic of virus. Frequency increases for over counter medicine sale, in this period.

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There are much more effects of lockdown, but there are some side effects also. In Mumbai, Pune metro cities, doctors have closed their clinics.

OPD in hospitals are also closed. Only emergency cases are treated. Because of that normal patients are unable to consult for there normal and day-to-day problems. This is first scenario.

In second scenario, suppose the condition before the lockdown. When the life is normal. If anyone experience the symptoms at night, then what should he do? he can’t go to doctor for small reason. He should wait till the morning, when OPD starts and consult the doctor.

In both the scenarios, people should know the basic tablets, that’s are used for day to day problems. I.e. Acidity, cold, painkiller, headache, loose motion.

These are the basic problems that we all are facing but don’t get the medicine because of the two situations. so let’s understand which tablet is used to treat which problem.

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Over counter medicine for home

  1. fever – if you experience fever, fever with chills. For that the best tablet is tab. Crocin 500 mg or Tab. Dolo 500 mg. Dose – take one tablet of these instantly. Take one more tablet if fever occurs next time.

2. Cold – allergic rhinitis – If you experience running nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat this is the symptom of viral common cold. Take tablet Okacet two times a day, for 2 days.

But now in viral epidemic, don’t stay at home, visit nearest clinic or hospital as soon as possible, for cough cold and fever. If no clinic is open, then visit fever clinic started by government to fought this epidemic.

3. Pain – chronic pain, backache, knee joint pain, any other type of pain, take tablet aceclo plus. Content is aceclofenac Plus Paracetamol. It will relieve the pain instantly.

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Medicine at home

4. Loose motions , watery diarrhoea – loose motions are very dangerous. Patient may experience sudden fall in BP. Water content in body suddenly gets low because of loose motion.

It is an emergency condition. So there is much more important to stop loose motions early. Take 2 tablets of any of the tablet andial or Tablet lopamide stat. It will control loose motions for 4 to 5 hours. Then consult your family doctor.

5. Headache – Tablet nicip 100mg ,content Nimesulide. Take one tablet for any type of headache.

6. Hyper acidity and nausea – Take tablet Pan D before half an hour of meal, two times a day. This is the best tablet for acidity.

I am telling you the tablets for your general information. These tablets will help you in your emergency. Take this tablets maximum for 2 days or maximum of four doses. Don’t exceed it. After 2 days, there is much more important to Consult a doctor.

Only doctor can diagnose your problem and treat it accordingly. Use this medication that I have told you, for only in emergency or for lockdown period. All tablet for home explained.

Stay fit stay healthy.

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