Hangover headache cure

Hangover headache cure

Hangover headache cure- lot of people’s addict in the world. Some are addicted to smoking, some to drinking alcohol, some to Mawa, Pan Masala, bidi , gutkha etc. Many alcoholics think’s why hangover headache?

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Most of them are addicted to alcohol. Most of them take desi liquor , some take foreign liquor. One common complaint is faced by heavy drinkers, this complaint is Hangover.

Symptoms of hangover

The prime symptom is headache. Severe headache last for a day. Some people experience hyperacidity, multiple vomiting episodes, increased thirst, giddiness, total body ache. Laziness through oute the day.

These symptoms may last for whole second day. While some people may experience these symptoms for early morning of 3rd day. These are signs of a hangover.

Working peoples , who wants to go back to their work, in their offices or shops. They want to do their work without any disturbance. But hangover don’t let them work properly. They can’t concentrate on their work.

hangover should be brought down early in the next morning. Here are the treatment of hangover and some tips and tricks and home remedies to cure hangover symptoms.

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Hangover treatment

Tablet Disprin , tablet nicip Plus – take one of each tablets at a time to relieve headache and body ache simultaneously.

If you are experiencing hyper acidity and vomiting, then take one tablet of tablet ondem MD , dissolve in one teaspoonful of water and take it.

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hangover remedies

Take one glass of water , Rinse The Half cut lemon in it, add one teaspoon full of honey, mix well and drink. It will instantly relieve your hangover.

Second home remedy is tea and coffee. one cup of tea or one cup of coffee mixed with a lot of sugar is also useful.

Alcohol lowers the blood sugar level and water level in our body. So that is important to bring sugar or water level to normal.

To bring water level too normal, drink lot of water. You can also drink juice, sherbet, coconut water, milk , dal water etc.

Alcoholic person unable to take full meal. While some heavy drinkers doesn’t eat anything. It causes hypoglycemia. Take full meal to bring blood sugar level to normal.

Take a rest for one whole day. It is also alternative treatment. But if you want to resume your work, then go to your family doctor and take injections and medicines. Hangover headache cure explained in detail.

Stay fit stay healthy.

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