Tips to prevent coronavirus

Tips to prevent coronavirus – Whole world is suffering from covid-19. Humans are afraid about this word. If you turn on any news channel then you saw the news only of coronavirus.

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All humanity is waiting to settle down this pandemic. But coronavirus is going to stay here for long time. Besides of getting down virus is spreading very fastly.

W h o also warned That coronavirus may not go anywhere. We should learn to live with it. As Swine Flu virus cannot go anywhere, like that covid-19 will stay here.

According to other scientists, coronavirus will stay here for at least one year. Many countries are lifting their Lokdown. Offices, shops, companies have been started, public transport has been started, after some days the lockdown will be totally removed.

From now to next one year, we should be very conscious there is much more possibility of increasing covid-19 patients very fast after removing lockdown. So I am telling you the most important tips to prevent covid-19. If you follow the tips then you should definitely stay away from covid-19.

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Tips to prevent covid-19

  1. First and the most important thing is,always wear mask if you going to office or work. It is must to wear mask every time, remove the mask only after returning home.
  2. Wash your hands with alcohol hand sanitizer or with soap frequently. Keep sanitizer bottle in your pocket, while going to work and wash your hand after every half an hour.
  3. You should strictly follow the social distance. The distance between two peoples is always at least 2 metres. 2 meters means around 5:00 feet.

4. Don’t touch your hands frequently, to your nose, mouth and Eyes. If you want to do so, then wash your hands with sanitizer and then touch it.

How to prevent coronaviruss

5. Be a clean shaved men for one year. Remove your moustache and beard totally.

6. Don’t go to saloon or barber shop for cutting and shaving. You can shave yourself at home. If you want to cut hair, then call the barber at your home and give him a mask.

7. Use very less cash for transactions. Do cashless transaction as far as possible. Use Bhim app, phonepe Google Tez etc.

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8. Don’t use watch, ring and unnecessary gold ornaments, belt etc. This is very important for ladies not to wear gold unnecessarily. These objects acts as reservoir for coronavirus.

9. Don’t use public transport use your own two wheeler or four wheeler while going to your office or work. Don’t go by train, rickshaw or bus.

10. Wash your hands feet and mouth with soap water thoroughly after returning to home.

11. Don’t throw mask on road. It is better to burn the use and throw mask. Reusable mask should be kept in boiled water for 10 minutes and then washed out.

11. Always wear full sleeve dress that we recover all of your body.

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Stay fit stay healthy .

Tips to prevent coronavirus.

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