Shatavari benefits

Shatavari benefits

Shatavari benefits – earlier I have made a article about ashvgandha. Ashwagandha benefits and its uses. Then I think to make video on another valuable ayurvedic product that is Shatavari.

As ashvgandha is very useful for mens. Shatavari is very useful for womens. But there are also much more important uses for men’s also. So let’s see the shatavari benefits and shatavari uses. Read this post in hindi

Shatavari benefits

Shatavari uses – Womens have special and important uses of Shatavari. It gives womens the complete solution of their diseases. Womens in every age group will get rid of their diseases, with the help of Shatavari.

  1. Shatawari increases the female sex hormone level. Female sex hormones are estrogens and progesterone. This will help for conceiving the child. Womens who have problem to conceive ,she will take the regular doses of Shatavari.

2. Young womens and girls will commonly face a problem, that is irregular menses. Some will face abdominal pain and cramps, some will face heavy and prolonged bleeding. All the problems related to period can be solved by the continuous injesion of that churn.

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3. Lactating mothers gets most benefited by shatavri churn. Mothers who are facing the problem of lack in milk production, they should take this doses regularly. It helps to produce more and more milk and triggers milk secretion by milk glands. It takes care that your baby will know more hungry.

Shatavari Churna

4. It controls diabetes. It stimulates the insulin secretion into pancreas. Insulin helps to lower the blood sugar level. You can take this with your regular antidiabetic allopathic drugs.

5. Ayurveda describes Shatavari as Rasayan. Rasayana means, due to its continuous injesion one can live healthy and longer life for years.

6. It is also effective in asthma patients. Asthma patient require more air entry. This will leads to exertion and weakness of chest muscles. Over A period of time, chest muscle loses their power and asthma exaggerates. Shatavari gives the strength to these muscles, increases their power to respiration.

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7. Every problem related to our digestive system gets benefited, less or more depending upon there stages. Acidity hyperacidity vomiting patients are most benefited. Gas and indigestion also gets cured.

8. Shatavari improves the immune system of body. Because of increased immunity, disease related to allergy will experience relief. Allergic rhinitis, cold coughing, itching all over the body and eczema. Allergic skin diseases are effectively treated with shatavri churn.

Doses of shatavari kalpa and Churna

Dose- one teaspoonful of Shatavari Churna or kalp per can be mixed in one glass of milk. After dissolving, it milk Plus Shatawari Churna taken daily for at least three months.

They should be taken empty stomach. Many peoples get relief in 3 months. Those who want to take it regularly, they can take half teaspoon full daily with milk.

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